Stories of Recovery

These stories were originally published in the Connection, FA's monthly magazine written by food addicts, for food addicts. Each post shares a different author's perspective. Visit this page often to read more experience, strength, and hope about recovery in FA. To get the newest issue of Connection Magazine sent directly to your mailbox or inbox, click here to subscribe to the Connection.

Getting To Know My Goddess

I just attended my first FA Business Convention in Danvers, Mass.  With much encouragement to do self-care, I took a quiet walk around the hotel.   Over the past year and half, since joining FA, I have been trying to formulate my vision of my Higher Power.  I was suddenly struck by the beautiful scene in front of me of green grass, trees, and vibrant flowers; so I sat on the steps, and wrote this: “I’m choosing to call my Higher Power (HP): My Goddess. I get to define her exactly how I want; no one else has to understand or even agree with my definition of my HP.   I don’t have to share her with anyone.  She’s part older sister, part mom, part aunt, part friend, part sponsor.   When I need extra protection, she’s part Wonder Woman!   My Goddess is strong, smart (she knows things I... Continue Reading



Don’t Quit Before The Miracle Happens

I had recently graduated from college and was avoiding dealing with horrific sexual abuse that had happened to me towards the end of my senior year.  The way I was eating was insane because I was trying to escape my feelings and was in severe trauma and isolation.  I spent all my free time in the kitchen making strange concoctions in a blender with frozen foods that shouldn’t go together. I was eating food out of a large colander outside on the balcony while squatting on the ground in my underwear. I felt like I was nothing but an animal because of how I’d been treated, so I ate like one too. Thankfully, God guided me towards FA in a coffee shop right by my house.  While I was waiting for my sugary caffeinated drink and bingeing on baked goods I noticed a pamphlet that said, “Are you having trouble... Continue Reading



FA On The Frontier

I came into FA in San Diego CA . Technically, we were not the “frontier,” because we had two meetings, but it was a very small (and precious) fellowship. Our phone list was tacked onto the bottom of a larger LA fellowship’s phone list. I was encouraged to use the frontier (or “outlying area,” as it was called then) phone list to make connections with other FA members who did not have a large fellowship or any meetings at all. I enjoyed those phone calls.  Being new to the program, I soaked up all the experience, hope, and strength I could get! One of my favorite calls was to a fellow who was in the Midwest. I found that using different time zones was a great way to facilitate my phone calling. She was 84 years old, had come into program at 80, and said that those had been the... Continue Reading



Lessons in Showing Up

Weddings and funerals.  I didn’t show up for either one when I was in the food.  Weddings were uncomfortable because I would spend the whole time comparing myself to others. Funerals were terrible because I could never figure out what to say to sad people.  I failed to realize I wasn’t the most important person at either type of event! After 10 years of recovery, I am happy to say I’ve learned a little bit about showing up.  This summer, my 89 year-old mother suffered from congestive heart failure.  After several trips to the emergency room, the doctor informed the family that it was time to call in Hospice.  Each of my sisters had several days of caring for Mom.  My turn came when my mom was nearing the end.  I didn’t have any experience caring for someone so ill.  I wondered if I would be able to provide tender,... Continue Reading



Getting Clear

After a friend told me about FA, I decided to go to a meeting, feeling unsure of what I was going to get from it. I had never heard anything about food addiction before, but when I heard people share about how they had lost so much weight and kept it off, I was so excited that I got a sponsor that day. I wanted the weight off because my knees were hurting and I needed surgery. Despite my desire to lose weight, I found all kinds of excuses to tell my sponsor what I could and couldn’t do. Finally, I shared with my sponsor that she was too hard of a person and I walked away from FA.   I wanted to have knee surgery, but the doctor required that I lose some weight before surgery. I got a sponsor and lost 25 pounds, which was just enough to allow... Continue Reading