Am I a Food Addict?

To find out, answer the following questions as honestly as you can. 

  1. Have you ever wanted to stop eating and found you just couldn't? 
  2. Do you think about food or your weight constantly? 
  3. Do you find yourself attempting one diet or food plan after another, with no lasting success? 
  4. Do you binge and then "get rid of the binge" through vomiting, exercise, laxatives, or other forms of purging? 
  5. Do you eat differently in private than you do in front of other people? 
  6. Has a doctor or family member ever approached you with concern about your eating habits or weight? 
  7. Do you eat large quantities of food at one time (binge)? 
  8. Is your weight problem due to your "nibbling" all day long? 
  9. Do you eat to escape from your feelings? 
  10. Do you eat when you're not hungry? 
  11. Have you ever discarded food, only to retrieve and eat it later? 
  12. Do you eat in secret? 
  13. Do you fast or severely restrict your food intake? 
  14. Have you ever stolen other people's food? 
  15. Have you ever hidden food to make sure you have "enough"?
  16. Do you feel driven to exercise excessively to control your weight? 
  17. Do you obsessively calculate the calories you've burned against the calories you've eaten? 
  18. Do you frequently feel guilty or ashamed about what you've eaten? 
  19. Are you waiting for your life to begin "when you lose the weight"?
  20. Do you feel hopeless about your relationship with food?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you may be a food addict. You are not alone. FA offers hope through a real solution to food addiction.

How to get started in FA

Go to an FA meeting and find a sponsor, or call an FA member. The member will help you find a sponsor who will guide you and help you begin the FA program.

Use the link below to search for meetings near your home. Each meeting lists a contact person. Call a meeting's contact person to confirm the meeting location and time, and to ask any questions you may have.

If you live in an area where there are no FA meetings, click here to find out how you can get started. You can also e-mail the FA office for assistance.



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