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EAI Meeting Report


FA Eastern Area Intergroup (FA-EAI, Inc.)
PO Box 490551
Everett, MA 02149
Website: ​https://www.foodaddicts.org/eastern-area-intergroup
Email: ​eaioffice@foodaddicts.org Phone: 781.438.9700 Fax: 781.438.9711
To contact all members of the EAI Board, please email eaiboard@foodaddicts.org.


Click here to see the agenda and treasurer’s report from the May 1 Meeting.

2022 EAI Body Meeting Dates – June 5, July 10, August recess,  September 11, October 16, November 13, December 11

Vice Chair Report

Dear Fellows,

At the May EAI meeting, the Bylaws chair led the EAI body through the election of three officer
positions: The chair (Jennifer H. from Groveland, MA), vice chair (Katie W. from Boston, MA) and
treasurer (Don from Rochester, NY) were officially voted into office. Those members who had 90
days of abstinence and are committed to an EAI-affiliated meeting were eligible to vote. The voting
passed without opposition.

I also want to spotlight this service opportunity: Do you like to work with graphics? Then the Service Group Support Committee could use your help! Email eaiservicesupport@foodaddicts.org.

In service,
Katie W., ​EAI Vice-Chair, eaivicechair@foodaddicts.org


See the Join the Committee Meeting section for details on how to join the Committee Meetings.

12th Step Committee Lou C., eai12thstep@foodaddicts.org

  • The 12th step chair position is open. Anyone can participate in the committee. We are
    looking to create a new resource for helping to welcome newcomers to FA meetings.

 Bylaws Committee – Danielle B., eaibylaws@foodaddicts.org

  • It was suggested a few years ago by EAI’s parliamentarian, that our bylaws have some
    changes made, and we are also reviewing our bylaws in light of WSI’s recent bylaw

Financial Aid and Resource Committee (FARC) – Galit H., eaifinancialaidandres@foodaddicts.org                

  • The Committee received a total of 10 financial aid requests for the upcoming Business
    Convention. All applicants received aid. 
  • We are looking for new members to join our Committee. Please reach out if you are
    interested. A minimum of 5 years of back to back abstinence is required. 

IT Committee – Cynthia R., eaiit@foodaddicts.org

  • Cynthia shared some of the special projects they’ve been working on, including voting or
    supporting e-forums.
  • Interested in training sessions for topics like Zoom hosting and settings, Gmail, and Google
    Drive/Google Docs? Email eaiit@foodaddicts.org to learn more.

Office Committee Sherry H., eaioffice@foodaddicts.org

  • Committee reviewed/revised the deep dive that will be presented to the EAI Body Meeting in
  • We encourage any fellow who enjoys computer or office work and has interest in doing service, to contact eaioffice@foodaddicts.org.

 Public Information (PI) Committee ​ Kathryn W., ​eaipi@foodaddicts.org  

  • Members continue to give healthcare pamphlets to providers. We are continuing to look for
    opportunities to give out flyers. Eric presented the healthcare slideshow in FL at a Local
    Service Group meeting - the total presentation time was approximately 20 minutes.

 Service Group Support Committee (SGSC)–​ Akia W., eai​servicesupport@foodaddicts.org

  • Local Service Groups (LSGs) are made up of people in a geographic area who want to do
    service in that area. We are working on a template for LSGs to include a phone list, LSG
    meeting information, and local PI events. We are hoping to publish it in June. We discussed
    how SGSC can provide a platform to do this work.
  • Open service opportunity: Anyone who likes working with graphics is encouraged to help by
    making the LSG template and published materials more aesthetically pleasing. 

Monthly Local Service Group Meetings: (Times listed below are ET.)

  • Metro Atlanta, GA: 2nd Saturday 11:30am-12:00pm – Email: Janae M.
  • DC Area: 3rd Sunday, 10:30am-11:30am – Email: Akia W.
  • Ithaca, NY: 1st Tuesday, 7pm-8pm – Email: Paula K. 
  • Philadelphia, PA: 2nd Saturday, 7:45am-8:45am – Email: Abigail H.
  • Louisville, KY: 3rd Monday, 8pm-8:30pm – Email: Annie K. 
  • Southwest FL: 3rd Tuesday, 6pm-6:45pm – Email: Barbara S.
  • United Kingdom/Ireland (UK/IRE): 2nd Sunday, 8:30am GMT/BST (UK Time) Email: lsgukire@gmail.com
  • Toronto, Canada: Last Monday, 12:30 to 1:00pm - Email: Linda C. or Nancy M.
  • NYC-Tristate (New York City, Long Island, Westchester, NY; NJ; CT): 1st Thursday 7pm-8pm - Email:  Kathryn W.

Service Support Weekend Planning Committee – Cayce K., sswplanning@foodaddicts.org

  • Looking for an entertainment subcommittee chair. In 2020, the event had yoga, fellowship
    meals, a dance party, trivia, a game night session and a singalong. Also looking for fellows
    that have a talent and would like to do some type of entertainment. 

Teens and Twenties (T&T) – Merissa E., eaiteensandtwenties@foodaddicts.org

  • Hoping to use healthcare provider slideshow to provide more data/statistics to supplement
    qualitative part of outreaches with quantitative information. Considering updating outreach
    format and best practices. 

Treasurer’s Committee​ –​ Don D., eaitreasurer@foodaddicts.org             

  • Discussed Teresa and Don doing the monthly financial reporting together (will include
    creating the monthly report and also updating QuickBooks). Don will remain the only team
    committee member who has access to QuickBooks.
  • Agreed to an expense tracking format (all of 2022 will be included in the tracking).
  • Discussed generating a recommendation to the EAI Executive Board regarding the
    necessary prudent reserve funds. 


If you’re new to EAI, check out the Orientation Video and Newcomer Orientation Guide, provided by the 12th Step Committee.


  1. Use your laptop or computer to join via direct link here or join the meeting on Zoom.com and input the Meeting ID: 847 548 759 and Passcode 2020.
  2. Use the Zoom mobile app on your smartphone. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Open the app from your smartphone, select Join Meeting and input the Meeting ID: 847 548 759 and Passcode 2020.
  3. For AUDIO ONLY (not recommended), use your phone to dial 646-558-8656 (US) or click here to find your local number. When prompted, input Meeting ID: 847 548 759 and  Passcode 2020.

Sign into the EAI Body Meeting & be included on the Attendee Phone List!

A phone list of fellows who attended EAI either in person or remotely will be distributed to all EAI attendees and EAI Contacts after the EAI meeting. To join the Attendee Phone List, go to http://bit.ly/eaimeeting and complete the form. Please note that your email address will NOT be shared on the Attendee Phone List. The phone list is a great way to connect with other EAI fellows!

JOIN THE COMMITTEE MEETINGS via the Events Calendar or the info below.

  • All Committees meet at 8am on Intergroup Sunday. Passcode for each meeting is 2020. See the details below for joining the meeting.
  • For phone only (US), call 646-558-8656 and enter the Meeting ID identified below and the passcode 2020.
  • To find the Zoom International Dial-in Number, click here.



Direct Link

Meeting ID

Service Support Weekend Planning

Cayce K.

Zoom link

825 9732 0638


Sherry H.

Zoom link

882 7441 2321

Public Information (Pre-Call starts at 7:30 am)

Kathryn W.

Zoom link

845 8695 6527

Service Support Committee​

Akia W.

Zoom link

843 8867 7998

Teens and Twenties Committee

Merissa E. eaiteensandtwenties@foodaddicts.org

Zoom link

825 8383 3741

Treasurer Committee

Don D.

Zoom link

812 5057 4139

12th Step Committee

Lou C.

Zoom link

879 3380 5639


Chair: Jennifer H., ​eaichair@foodaddicts.org
Secretary: Tricia H., eaisecretary@foodaddicts.org



For an archived copy of an EAI Meeting Report, please email eaioffice@foodaddicts.org.


Please join us at the EAI Body Meeting via ZOOM from 9am EDT to 10am EDT.  EAI Committees will meet remotely from 8am EDT to 8:45am EDT via Zoom. The password is 2020.

  • Click here to join the Body Meeting via Zoom. 
  • Click here to sign in to the EAI Body Meeting Attendee List.