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EAI Meeting Report


FA Eastern Area Intergroup (FA-EAI, Inc.) 
PO Box 490551 
Everett, MA 02149 

Website: ​https://www.foodaddicts.org/eai-home

Email: ​eaioffice@foodaddicts.org Phone: 781.438.9700
To contact all members of the EAI Board, please email eaiboard@foodaddicts.org.

November EAI Meeting Presentations

Click here to see the agenda/treasurer’s report. .

2022 EAI Meeting Dates

December 11 


Dear Fellows, 

Service saves lives! That’s one of my takeaways from EAI’s 2022 Service Support Weekend where the theme was Service in Many Forms. We had over 200 participants and the weekend covered topics such as meeting service positions and public information. The evening entertainment was also robust and not to be missed, ranging from improv to a piano bar. Thank you to all who attended and helped to make it possible!

Don’t forget to attend EAI’s December meeting on Sunday, December 11. We will be voting on EAI bylaw changes. All are welcome to attend; those who have 90 days or more of continuous abstinence who are working with an FA sponsor and associated with an EAI meeting will be eligible to vote. There will be two virtual meetings to go over the proposed changes in detail: 1) December 6 at 7 pm ET and 2) December 10 at 1 pm ET.

Finally, a tip for any meetings that are considering changing their meeting type (e.g., from in-person to teleconference or from audio to in-person): When a meeting changes its type, one meeting ends and a new meeting begins (even if the same members are involved with both meetings). If the meeting changes the type between March and the business convention, the old meeting will lose their voting member and it may be too late for the new meeting to vote in a voting member. Therefore, if you wish to make a meeting type change, be aware that you should wait til before March or after June to keep your voting member part of the WSI Convention.

In service,
Katie W.,
Vice Chair, EAI


See the Join the Committee Meeting section for details on how to join the Committee Meetings.

12th Step Committee Maggie O, eai12thstep@foodaddicts.org

  • Planning the 12th Step Gathering on Saturday, November 19 at 8 pm ET and  Sunday, November 20, at 1:30 pm. The topic is on sponsoring.

 Bylaws Committee – Danielle B., eaibylaws@foodaddicts.org

  • Danielle, Bylaws Committee Chair, announced that the Bylaws have several changes that will be voted on in December. The committee is planning to email the FA-EAI members 14 days prior to the vote.  There will be two virtual meetings to go over the proposed changes in depth.  One is on December 6th at 7 pm and the other one is on December 10 at 1 pm.
  • These changes are based on the recommendations of EAI’s Parliamentarian who went through the Bylaws four years ago; the transition of EAI going from in-person to virtual meetings; and the FA Conference voting members approving virtual and audio meetings versus just in-person meetings at the 2021 Business Convention along with removing the word AWOL from the WSI Bylaws in 2022.
  • Danielle also announced that all FA members who are associated with an FA-EAI meeting and have 90 days or more of continuous abstinence, working with an FA sponsor will have a voice and a vote.  For any of the proposed changes to pass, it requires a 2/3rds of vote.
  • All of the information will be sent to the members via the new FA newsletter that comes out twice a month. To access this newsletter the FA member must have created an FA profile.

IT Committee – Jakki T., eaiit@foodaddicts.org

  • The committee talked to an FA fellow about how to change a telephone meeting to a Zoom Meeting. The IT committee will host another session for them to help them with this transition.
  • Jakki also announced that they will be working with the FA-World Service IT, FA-WAI IT, and the FA-EAI Maine Chapter IT to streamline instructions related to technology for the fellowship.

Office Committee Sherry H., eaioffice@foodaddicts.org

  • The Office Committee finalized the timeline to accomplish the goals for the year.
  • We encourage any fellow who enjoys computer or office work and has interest in doing service, to contact eaioffice@foodaddicts.org. We have a number of projects coming up that will include reviewing/editing EAI documents to assure the information is current.

 Public Information (PI) Committee ​ Kathryn W., ​eaipi@foodaddicts.org  

  • They worked on establishing a task list for setting up a virtual information session.  The committee is hoping it will be available next year.

 Service Group Support Committee (SGSC)–​ Akia W., eai​servicesupport@foodaddicts.org

  • SGSC Chair Akia announced that the Local Service Group from FA-WSI is planning to kick off the Global Service Support Group and the template for the LSG guidelines and the bulletin board will be available at that time.
  • Today the committee focused on helping the South Carolina Local Service Group and next month it will be for Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Monthly Local Service Group Meetings: (Times listed below are ET unless otherwise noted.)

  • Metro Atlanta, GA: 2nd Saturday 11:30am-12:00pm – Email: Janae M.
  • DC Area: 3rd Sunday, 10:30am-11:30am – Email: Akia W.
  • Ithaca, NY: 1st Tuesday, 7pm-8pm – Email: Paula K. 
  • Louisville, KY: 3rd Monday, 8pm-8:30pm – Email: Annie K. 
  • Southwest FL: 3rd Tuesday, 6pm-6:45pm – Email: Barbara S.
  • United Kingdom/Ireland (UK/IRE): 2nd Sunday, 8:30am GMT/BST (UK Time) Email: Jojo A. 
  • Toronto, Canada: Last Monday, 12:30pm to 1:00pm - Email: Linda C. or Nancy M.
  • NYC-Tristate (New York City, Long Island, Westchester, NY; NJ; CT): 1st Thursday 7pm-8pm - Email:  Kathryn W.

Service Support Weekend Planning Committee – Caroline B., sswplanning@foodaddicts.org

  • Caroline the SSW Chair summarized some of the takeaways she received about the weekend.  They include the following:
    • We are not a glum lot.
    • The importance of Letting Go and Letting God
    • Experience Joy in doing service
    • Received a healthy dose of FA medicine this weekend, connecting with fellows
    • Service begins with abstinence
    • Looking forward to seeing people in person, time to get out from behind the cameras and be with each other in person.
    • SSW is open to suggestions.
    • An FA-EAI fellow suggested a talent show for the next SSW and volunteered to lead that area.
  • The IT Chair, Jakki, and Caroline presented the video from the new WSI 12 Step Sub-Committee, called Service Opportunities Committee. The video showed the new service area on the website for all service opportunities for the entire fellowship. To view this area the FA member must be logged in at www.foodaddicts.org

Teens and Twenties (T&T) – Merissa E., eaiteensandtwenties@foodaddicts.org

  • The committee looked at the factors as to why there was a low turnout for the last virtual information session. They are planning the next session for January 29 at 2:30 pm ET which will be right before the Teens and Twenties virtual meeting that happens at 4 pm ET. This meeting could use support. The login details for the Zoom information about this meeting can be found on the FA website by searching virtual meetings under Boston, MA.

Treasurer’s Committee​ –​ Don D., eaitreasurer@foodaddicts.org             


If you’re new to EAI, check out the Orientation Video and Newcomer Orientation Guide, provided by the 12th Step Committee.


  1. Use your laptop or computer to join via direct link here or join the meeting on Zoom.com and input the Meeting ID: 847 548 759 and Passcode 2020.
  2. Use the Zoom mobile app on your smartphone. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Open the app from your smartphone, select Join Meeting and input the Meeting ID: 847 548 759 and Passcode 2020.
  3. For AUDIO ONLY (not recommended), use your phone to dial 646-558-8656 (US) or click here to find your local number. When prompted, input Meeting ID: 847 548 759 and  Passcode 2020.

Sign into the EAI Body Meeting & be included on the Attendee Phone List!

EAI Attendees will be emailed the phone list after the EAI meeting. Go to http://bit.ly/eaimeeting and complete the form to be added to the phone list. Please note that your email address will NOT be shared on the Attendee Phone List. The phone list is a great way to connect with other EAI fellows!

JOIN THE COMMITTEE MEETINGS via the Events Calendar or the info below.

  • All Committees meet at 8am on Intergroup Sunday. Passcode for each meeting is 2020. See the details below for joining the meeting.
  • For phone only (US), call 646-558-8656 and enter the Meeting ID identified below and the passcode 2020.
  • To find the Zoom International Dial-in Number, click here.



Direct LInk

Meeting ID

12th Step Committee

Maggie O., eai12thstep@foodaddicts.org

Zoom link

879 3380 5639

Office Committee

Sherry H. eaioffice@foodaddicts.org

Zoom link

882 7441 2321

Public Information Committee 7:30 am
Kathryn W. ​eaipi@foodaddicts.org

Zoom link

845 8695 6527

Service Support Committee​

Zoom link

843 8867 7998

Service Support Weekend Planning

Zoom link

825 9732 0638

Teens and Twenties Committee

Merissa E., eaiteensandtwenties@foodaddicts.org

Zoom link

825 8383 3741

Treasurer Committee
10am after Body Meeting

Don D., eaitreasurer@foodaddicts.org

Zoom link

812 5057 4139


Chair: Jennifer H., ​eaichair@foodaddicts.org
Secretary: Tricia H., eaisecretary@foodaddicts.org
Financial Aid and Resource Committee (FARC):  eaifinancialaidandres@foodaddicts.org 



For an archived copy of an EAI Meeting Report, please email eaioffice@foodaddicts.org.


Please join us at the EAI Body Meeting via Zoom from 9am ET to 10am ET.  EAI Committees will meet remotely from 8am ET to 8:45am ET via Zoom. The password is 2020.

  • Click here to join the Body Meeting via Zoom. 
  • Click here to sign in to the EAI Body Meeting Attendee List.