How to Start FA

You don't need to feel hopeless or be obsessed with food and dieting. There is a solution. Here's how to start the FA program.

Attend an FA meeting

The best way to learn about FA is to attend a meeting where you can speak to a greeter, find a sponsor, pick up literature, and hear experiences of recovering food addicts. If you are within two hours of an FA meeting, you may find that the trip is time well-spent. You can find FA meetings here.

If your local meetings are closed due to the pandemic or there are no FA meetings close to you, you can learn more about FA virtually. FA meetings are, by definition, in-person, but some members are gathering by phone and video conference calls. To access these gatherings, email

Call a greeter

If you would like to talk to an FA member, email Everyone on that list is eager to answer your questions about FA.

Read FA literature

The pamphlet, Food Addiction and the FA Solution: for anyone who wants to know more, describes the illness of food addiction and the solution offered by FA. Many other helpful FA pamphlets are available to read online.

You can also read the first chapter of the FA Book, Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous. The softcover, large print, eBook, or audiobook are available for purchase.

Listen to a member’s story

Dozens of member's stories are available for free on the FA Podcast. You can also purchase audio downloads available in English, Spanish, German, and Mandarin, each for 99 cents. 

Find a sponsor

If you are ready to start the FA program, you’ll need a sponsor. You can find a sponsor at an FA meeting. Or email Everyone on the list is either available to sponsor or committed to helping you find a sponsor.

Create a profile

Stay up to date with FA news by creating a profile on the FA website. You can sign up to receive general announcements from FA, as well as the quarterly newsletter Gratitude in Action.

FA is free and open to all who want to stop eating addictively. 

To learn more, read the Frequently Asked Questions About FA.