Service Group Support for IGs, Chapters, & LSGs

Service Group Support Committee (SGSC)

The purpose of the Service Group Support Committee (SGSC), a World Service Inc. committee, is to support the maintenance of current Local Service Groups (LSG), Chapters and Intergroups, and to encourage the establishment of new LSGs and assist any new Chapters or Intergroups. All efforts maintain the overarching principle of supporting FA recovery practices, strengthening existing recovery, building unity, and helping others learn that recovery from food addiction exists.

The SGSC holds bi-monthly meetings for anyone in the worldwide fellowship interested in learning more about service, particularly as it relates to LSGs. The agenda for each meeting includes a presentation and discussion on the topic of service and a time for Intergroups, Chapters, and LSGs to share about their recent activities.

Email to receive the following:

  • Login information for SGSC videoconference/phone meetings
  • SGSC Meeting Agendas/Notes with any relevant handouts

Join us on the following days/times:

  • September 19, 2021 3:30 – 5:00pm ET
  • November 21, 2021 3:30 – 5:00pm ET   

Current SGSC Minutes

Previous SGSC Minutes

Intergroups (IG) and Chapters

Intergroups and Chapters are regional organizations within FA that are formed to help meetings carry the message of FA recovery to others. This gift of recovery has been generously given to us as members of FA, and, in turn, we gratefully do what we can to pass it on. The goals include: to further the FA program in accordance with the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of FA, to maintain a communication center for FA groups, to provide unity, and to educate the public about the FA program.

At this time, FA has two Intergroups: Eastern Area Intergroup (EAI) and Western Area Intergroup (WAI). EAI has one Chapter in the state of Maine. The Maine Chapter is organized as a subgroup of EAI, which allows the Chapter to operate under the EAI bylaws, benefit from its years of experience, and operate as a nonprofit without the legal expense of incorporating.

Eastern Area Intergroup (EAI)

Chapters within EAI 

Western Area Intergroup (WAI)


Local Service Group (LSG)

A Local Service Group consists of two or more FA members from more than one FA meeting group who combine resources to do service for FA. In situations requiring a formal decision, only members with at least 90 days of continuous abstinence in FA who are working with an FA sponsor shall have a voice and a vote.

Local Service Group Guidelines and Recommendations

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