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How to reach the FA World Service Office, Intergroups, and Chapters

World Service, Inc. (WSI)

400 W. Cummings Park
Suite 1350
Woburn, MA 01801 map

Office: (781) 932-6300
Fax: (781) 932-6322

Office Director: officedirector@foodaddicts.org

WSI Office Chair: officechair@foodaddicts.org

Web Contact Person: web@foodaddicts.org

World Service Board (WSB)

To contact all members of the World Service Board (WSB), please email wsb@foodaddicts.org.

WSI Chair: chair@foodaddicts.org

WSI Vice-Chair: vicechair@foodaddicts.org

WSI Treasurer: treasurer@foodaddicts.org

WSI Secretary: secretary@foodaddicts.org

WSI Bylaws Committee: bylaws@foodaddicts.org

WSI Connection Committee:

Submit articles or art: connection@foodaddicts.org
Subscription questions: fa@foodaddicts.org
Connection Rep network: connectionrep@foodaddicts.org

WSI Convention Planning Committee: convention@foodaddicts.org

WSI Literature Committee: literature@foodaddicts.org

WSI Office Committee: officechair@foodaddicts.org

WSI Public Information Committee: pi@foodaddicts.org

Media Watch (to have FA respond to media) mediawatch@foodaddicts.org
Weblinks (to report websites that might link to FA) weblinks@foodaddicts.org
Healthcare Watch (to have FA information sent to doctors): healthcarewatch@foodaddicts.org

WSI Service Group Support Committee (SGSC): SGSC@foodaddicts.org

WSI Traditions Review Committee: traditions@foodaddicts.org
Click here for inquiries from Members, Meetings, Chapters, or Intergroups regarding the Traditions. 

WSI 12th Step Committee: 12thstep@foodaddicts.org 

Eastern Area Intergroup (EAI)

PO Box 490551, Everett, MA 02149
To contact all members of the EAI Board, please email eaiboard@foodaddicts.org.
Click here for EAI Contact Information.

Western Area Intergroup (WAI)

PO Box 475067, San Francisco, CA 94147
415-248-9347 or 800-600-6028
To contact all members of the WAI Board, please email waiboard@foodaddicts.org.
Click here for WAI Contact Information. 

Maine Chapter (ME)

PO Box 373 Augusta, ME 04332-0373
Phone (voicemail only): Toll-Free 888-998-5297, Local 207-775-2132
To contact all members of the Maine Chapter Board, please email maineboard@foodaddicts.org
Click here for Maine Chapter Contact Information.

Contact Board, Board Contact, Contact, WSB Contact; Contact WSB

For general questions, contact the FA World Service Office

(781) 932-6300

For Intergroup/Chapter questions:

EAI Contacts

WAI Contacts

Maine Chapter Contacts