Living on the Frontier

No Meetings in Your Area?

What is meant by "Living on the Frontier?"

The term "Living on the Frontier" refers to members living at least 100 miles (161 km) from an FA meeting. However, you can still get started in the FA program if you do live on the frontier!

Determine if you are a food addict. These resources might help you decide:


Here are some helpful resources:



Sponsors are FA members who will guide you with a food plan and the tools of FA. The Long-Distance Sponsor List is a helpful resource for members living at least 100 miles /161 km from an FA meeting. Members on this list may be available for long-distance sponsorship, or they can help you find someone with time available. To receive a copy, or to add your name to the list, click the link here: Long-Distance Sponsor List


Talking to other FA members is an important tool used in the FA program. The Frontier Member List is a compilation of FA Members who live 100 miles / 161 km or more from an FA meeting and who have requested to be on the list. To receive a copy, or to add your name to the list, click the link here: Frontier Member List


The Universal Language List is an excellent resource for members who speak a language other than English. Members on this list have the desire to receive/return phone calls and have some ability to speak in a language other than English. To receive a copy, or to add your name to the list, click the link here: Universal Language List


Below are some stories from people who currently live, or have lived, on the frontier.


The 12th Step Committee has hosted two Frontier Support Calls to provide information and assistance to members who are living on the frontier. Below are the highlights from those calls.



The WSI 12th Step Committee is excited to announce the fourth in our four-part series of 2017 Frontier Support Conference Calls!

If you live on the frontier, sponsor someone living on the frontier, or are interested in doing service to support members living on the frontier, please join us Sunday, July 30th, at 1:30 p.m., Eastern Standard Time.


-------------------- INSTRUCTIONS FOR JOINING THE MEETING -------------------------

1. Dial into the conference:

Dial-in Number: (712) 775-7031 - United States

Access Code: 224637

International Dial-in Numbers:

2. Join the online meeting:

Online Meeting Link:

The theme for this year’s support call series is “Ways to Build a Fellowship on the Frontier.”  The call will include practical discussions to support our members.

Part of the meeting will be devoted to sharing experience, strength and hope.  Please email specific questions in advance, so the committee can best prepare to meet the needs of participants.  We invite questions pertaining to the following topics:

  • Going from one person to two - creating a sense of connection
  • Sponsoring on the frontier
  • Establishing a meeting

Please email questions to by July 16th.

Thank you!

The World Service 12th Step Committee     



New meetings start one at a time, typically by several members who have been abstinent at least six months. The resources listed below are available to assist those who want to start new meetings or grow fellowships in their area by educating the general public about FA. Suggestions and guidelines are provided to help efforts to attract newcomers.