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I have struggled with food for 50-plus years. I wasn’t a fat kid, but I thought I was. I compared myself to other girls continually, and when I was older, compared myself to other women. I can’t remember when I didn’t have thoughts about food and weight. Is my butt smaller or larger than hers? Are my thighs that big? I would starve myself, but not for long, because I really liked to eat. Then I would cry because I didn’t have the willpower not to eat. I put alcohol down in 1994 and have been in several Twelve-Step programs, but I never made it to the ninth step.  I was in a very bleak pit of despair in early December on year and was wondering if I would be like that for the rest of my life. I’d sit in my easy chair, watch TV, eat, go to bed,... Continue Reading



Soft Prayer

There is a secret that lives within me: my addiction to food; the uncontrollable desire to overeat. The foods that I am addicted to are salty snacks and sugar. When shopping, I know exactly what to do to avoid those things: circle the store and stay in the outer aisle, where the healthiest foods are. I stock my basket with the healthy stuff. But I am ambushed while waiting on the check-out line. Sugary items are stacked to my left and my favorite salty, crunchy, “you can’t eat just one” items are stocked to my right. It is impossible to not reach for these items, especially when they are on sale. “Buy one get one free.” I am even happier. This has all changed now, as a result of going to FA and making a commitment to myself, my sponsor and the God within and my family. I resist the temptation... Continue Reading



Finally At Peace

On a recent crisp fall Sunday afternoon, I sat outside a coffee shop, having just finished my weighed-and-measured meal. I turned 39 this year, am in my ninth year of recovery, and have recently become much more “surrendered,” as we say in FA.  Experiencing a sense of peace from my Higher Power and the peace that comes from giving up the fight in a new way surpasses any temporary shock of aging.  Enjoying this new sense of serenity, I invited my brother, James, and my mom to join me for a chat in the autumn California sunshine. We talked, laughed, and enjoyed each other’s company. I basked in the glow of letting go and leaning into God, my sponsor’s guidance, and feeling safe deep within my soul, tucked securely into my recovery. So much peace! All of a sudden, my dear mother looked at me and said, “You look different.... Continue Reading



Stormy Weather

I live in a hurricane-friendly area of the USA and have just been blessed with another bad storm, which I got through abstinently. We had a very difficult time several years ago with no refrigeration, very hot temperatures, and no ice available for almost two weeks,  We coped in creative ways. My next-door neighbor used an extra-long extension cord to get electricity from a portable generator from the neighbor behind her so that her refrigerator worked. I used a shelf in her refrigerator for my food.  We had an outside charcoal grill and also used things like canned meats, fruits, veggies, and dry cereal. I know that these foods, in addition to a manual can opener, are essential to always keep on hand.   Thank God my husband saw how terribly difficult the experience was for this food addict. After that, we decided that a permanent generator would be the answer... Continue Reading



Really Ready

Approximately four months ago, I walked into a local FA meeting ready, willing, and able to join FA and to follow the program as it is laid out. I had some idea what was in store for me, since I had attended a few meetings ten years prior. Back then, I had a sponsor and a food plan, and I attended one meeting a week. I thought I did not have time for more than that because I was working full-time and raising three children. I didn’t make phone calls, read any literature, or do any writing. I hardly took any quiet time and never remember prepping any food in advance. I guess you could say that I did not engage in FA back then. Needless to say, I didn’t stay. I can surely add my name to the list of those who thought there must be an easier, softer... Continue Reading