A Story of Recovery:

Quiet Time

I love my morning quiet times. 5:00 am is my “date” with God each morning. To sit and listen, before everyone’s lights come on, horns blare, and the world starts humming and bustling.  This is indeed a cherished gift. My time with God is a “Come as you are”-type party. I can come “just as I am” authentically, and just show up. 

That’s my part. Showing up. And anticipating. Some days, the reading smacks me in the face and I “get it”. It is my marching orders for the day, or something that challenges or “pings” my consciousness. Sometimes my heart is encouraged as I see the impossibility of a situation and I hear that God is even bigger than my situation. And in the quiet, I get to be quiet, and just listen. Meditate. Listen to my breathing. Close my eyes and occasionally have an intuitive thought, or a direction, or hear a voice that I know is not mine because I’d never say that to myself. 

When I can let God in, it changes me. It changes everything. It changes my interactions with others. It changes my day. It changes my life. So, that is the goal each morning. Let in God. Listen. Know that all is essentially well. 


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