A Story of Recovery:

A Fork in the Road

I found FA after my doctor told me I was headed for serious health problems and that I needed to lose weight. After my first month in Program, I had lunch with a dear friend, who asked me all about FA. She wanted to come with me to a meeting.
    I remembered how scared I had been when I attended my first FA meeting, so I recognized the fear when I got a text from my friend the morning of the 8 a.m. meeting that read, “I cannot go.”  So I took a chance and answered, ” Have something to eat and I’ll meet you there.” To my delight, she answered back, “Okay.”
    After the meeting, she told me she had only had a glass of milk before she came, and that we needed to go get something for her to eat. We went in her car together to a drive-thru.

     When she parked to eat and opened her bag, she discovered that they forgot a fork. I said, “I think I have a fork in my purse.” That made her laugh; she thought I was joking. But when I produced a clean plastic fork and napkin from my purse, she exclaimed, “You really have a fork in your purse?” To which I replied, “Of course I do, I’m a food addict!”
    I am happy to say that I have over 90 days now in recovery and no longer carry a fork in my purse.



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