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WSI Office Committee Manual

This manual outlines the purpose, responsibilities, methods, and overall operating procedures of the WSI Office Committee. The manual is updated as needed to keep the information current and is intended to serve as a reference tool for committee and subcommittee members, as well as for anyone in FA interested in understanding the work of the WSI standing committees.

Office Committee (OC)

Led by the Office Committee Chair, the OC serves as a resource to the fellowship, the World Service Board (WSB) and World Service Committees, Intergroups, and Chapters. It facilitates communication between the WSB and the fellowship and its meetings, provides tech support to the WSB, meetings, and members, and maintains the website.

The FA website houses all meeting information, helpful materials related to each service body of FA, informative materials for the general public, and an event calendar, as well as facilitates convention registrations and conference-approved literature sales.

The OC also runs the World Service Office (or WSO) which employs administrative staff and keeps records of all financial transactions, as well as some archives of the organization. The WSO also serves as the main point of contact regarding inquiries from the general public and is the central hub of communication with the fellowship, the media, health professionals, and newcomers to FA.

The WSO handles online ordering, convention registration, and Intergroup/Chapter event registration and calendaring. It also interfaces with the WSI Treasurer to determine pricing for items that are sold by WSI (literature, etc.). WSI employees and the OC send emails to the fellowship on behalf of the WSB and its Committees, as well as Intergroups and Chapters, and ensure that postings on the FA website are accurate and up-to-date. And all new and/or updated forms related to Office processes need to be reviewed and approved by the OC before being put into use.

Throughout the year, the OC chair is responsible for processing the payroll for paid Office employees. At the end of the year, the OC chair is responsible for sending a non-taxable gift to each Office staff member (amount of which is determined by the budget at the discretion of the Personnel Committee [PC] and the Executive Board with input from the Office Committee Chair).

Annually in the spring, and throughout the year, the OC also assists the Project Review Committee (PRC) in determining whether or not projects and initiatives suggested by the WSB, WSB Committee chairs, and Office Committee and its Subcommittees, are feasible; whether FA has the proper resources (human and monetary) to accomplish submitted projects/initiatives and best serve FA as a whole financially, at any given time. The Office Committee Chair sits on the PRC and also reviews and makes recommendations with regard to any job-related expenses submitted by the WSB (as outlined in the World Service Process and Procedures Manual).


As of June 2022 

Office Director (OD)

Adrienne Chiles

  • Assists WSB, Intergroup, and Chapters with special projects and provides resources to help facilitate such projects
  • Overseas and manages the FA website
  • Assists the Office Chair in their responsibilities as Chair
  • Overseas the management of the FA Office and staff, including Office Manager (OM)
  • Member of the PRC and assists WSB with their project budgets as needed

Office Manager (OM)

Norma Mullan

  • Reports to and is managed by the Office Director
  • Supports WSO and OC projects and initiatives at the direction of the WSB, Office Committee Chair, and Office Director
  • Manages and fulfills literature orders
  • Prepares and submits FA tax documents annually


As of June 2022

Logistical Support Subcommittee (LS)

Chair: Kim H.

Assists OD with administrative tasks, training volunteers, and addressing website edit and mass email work order requests from the service bodies of FA. Also supports service bodies of FA with Google Workspace and other miscellaneous projects as assigned by OD.

Tech Subcommittee (TS)

Chair: Mish R.

Founded in 2022, the Technology Subcommittee (TS) is composed of tech-savvy members of FA and is responsible for supporting the fellowship and the World Service Board (WSB) around technology-related issues and solutions. The TS is supervised by and reports to the Office Committee Chair and includes one Subcommittee Chair and the following teams:

  • Fellowship Tech Support
    • Maintains a contact list of skilled individuals throughout the fellowship who are willing to provide support to people and meetings struggling with technology and remove obstacles for members trying to access recovery in FA online and on the phone
  • WSB Tech Support
    • Provides relevant support, guidance, and suggestions to the WSB and its individual members
  • Technology Education
    • Creates trainings and materials (including videos) to support the fellowship in using technology to access recovery and support the still suffering food addict. This support may come in the form of:
      • FAQ lists
      • Training guides
      • Workshops

Website Projects Subcommittee (WP)

Chair: TBD

Supports the OD with vetting new website work projects requested by the WSB, Intergroups, and Chapters, and assists the OD in completing such projects.

Website SEO Subcommittee (SEO)

Chair: Margaret L.

The SEO Chair works directly with the Website Projects Subcommittee, our web developer (contractor), the OD, and PI Committee to create search engine optimizations beneficial to the FA website. Works to increase traffic to the website (via Google Ads), and helps to meet thresholds and maintain our non-profit status with Google.   


Re-Registration of FA Meetings & Members

Chair: TBD, when/as needed

Typically, this Subcommittee is active every three years to facilitate the WSB requirement of re-registering each FA meeting and member for the purposes of maintaining an accurate database.


As of June 2022

Website Change Request

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WSI Expense Reimbursement

Web Domain Email Management

Revised June 2022