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Before You Take That Bite

Before you take that bite, read this pamphlet and remember — today you have a choice.

Before you take that bite, read this pamphlet and remember — today you have a choice. You do not have to deviate from your committed food plan. Do not be afraid of cravings you may have for foods you used to eat or of feelings of anger, fatigue, or confusion. When we first stopped eating addictively, all of us had such feelings. They will pass. Read this pamphlet. It will help you to take actions and to remember. You can be abstinent this one day — no matter what. Take an action.

Use the Serenity Prayer.

If you are anxious or upset, slow down, easy does it, and pray. Ask your Higher Power for help to accept the things you cannot change, the courage to change the things you can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Say the prayer until your upset feelings pass and serenity returns.

Remember that feelings are not facts.

No matter how you may be feeling, you do not have to eat. The cravings you have now will pass and you will soon be glad that you did not eat. Remind yourself how grateful you were to wake up abstinent this morning. These feelings of discomfort are temporary.

Think it through to the end.

Instead of allowing yourself to fantasize about the supposed pleasures of eating, stop and think. Where has food taken you every time you picked it up in the past? Remember: the morning after — the bloat, fatigue, nausea, and aching; lying or stealing in order to get food and then going to any lengths in order to be alone to eat it; the pain of struggling to fit into your clothes; waking up with those awful feelings of shame and hopelessness.

Practice an attitude of gratitude for your abstinence.

Think again and again of the benefits of abstinence and what it gives you: freedom from shame and guilt about your eating; structure to each day and each meal; freedom from ever having to diet again; hope for the new life that is now possible for you.

Let the program carry you.

Lean on the group and the FA fellowship. Remind yourself that you are not alone. Hundreds of other people are just like you and they are not eating. If they can be free from food, so can you. Look for a meeting to attend as soon as you can. Reach out for help.

Make a telephone call.

Call an FA member and ask for help, or stop focusing on yourself and ask how the other person is doing. We recommend that you make a practice of making several FA phone calls each day. If you get to know others and let them get to know you, it will be easier to reach for the phone when you need it.

Remember that you only have to do this "just for today" or "just for this moment."

Tell yourself that you can eat tomorrow if you want to, but not today. Remember that we live one day at a time, just twenty-four hours a day. You can do it today.

Remember that the Power behind you is always greater than the problem in front of you.

Practice faith and trust. Remind yourself that if you got through yesterday without eating, you can surely get through this moment and this day. You are not eating now. You have already experienced a miracle. Get out of the way, let go, trust the FA program.

Remember that you are not alone and that "we do service by staying abstinent."

You are now part of a fellowship of people just like yourself. By abstaining, you can receive help and you can give help too!


Are you too Hungry, Angry, Lonely, or Tired? Be gently with yourself. Be sure to eat each of your meals on time  — not too early and not too late. If you are feeling fatigued or sick, get extra rest, take a nap, or plan to go to bed early. Make a phone call or write about whatever may be upsetting you.

Take an action.

FA is a program of action. Do something that is the opposite of eating; leave the kitchen, take a bath or a walk, make a list of all the things you're grateful for, read a book. Give the FA program a chance to work. The obsession will remain if you allow yourself to stay focused on food. When you do your one percent, the program can do the rest.

Don't eat no matter what.

There is always help and there is always hope. Reach out! You are not alone anymore.

What is FA?

FA is a program based on the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. There are no dues, fees, or weigh-ins at FA meetings. FA is a fellowship of individuals who, through shared experience and mutual support, are recovering from the disease of food addiction.

Who joins FA?

FA members are men and women of all ages from all over the world. Some of us have been obese; others have been undereaters, bulimic, or so obsessed with food or weight that we could not freely live our lives. Among us are people who have weighted as little as 62 pounds, those who have weighted more than 400 pounds, and others who have been of normal weight but were obsessed with food or dieting.

Does the program really work?

Typically, FA members have tried any number of solutions to their problems with food, including (for many of us) years of diets or exercise. In FA, we have finally found an answer that is long term. FA members have maintained normal weights and found freedom from obsession for more than twenty-five years. As more and more newcomers enter the program, the number of people with five or ten years of recovery continues to grow.

The pamphlet "Before You Take That Bite" is FA Conference Approved Literature.