Digital Newcomer Packet

Digital Newcomer Packet

When you attend an FA meeting, you receive a Newcomer packet. For frontier members we offer a Digital Newcomer Packet:

Greeter List:

Would you like to talk to an FA member? To receive a phone list of FA members who are available to answer questions about FA, click the link here: Greeter List.

Long - Distance Sponsor List:

Would you like to get started? First you'll need a sponsor, click the link here to find a sponsor: Long - Distance Sponsor List.


FA Book:

This book describes the illness of food addiction and the possibility of recovery offered by Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous (FA). To read the first chapter of the book: click here.

FA Magazine:

For a free sample of the connection magazine, click here.

MP3 of an FA Member's Story:

When you attend an FA meeting, you will hear FA members share stories of their experience, strength, and hope regarding food addiction. To hear an FA member's story, click on the links below:

  • Food, Pills, Booze and Cigarettes
    She thought she would die without those two pieces of chicken. When she finally put the food on a scale, she found her Higher Power.
  • The Running Escape Artist
    Elite runner and respected psychotherapist, he knew he was in trouble when he resorted to bulimia for weight control.
  • Therapy Couldn't Fix Her
    In her 20's: addicted to "cool." In her 30's: addicted to work. In her 40's: fat and getting fatter, she turned her will over to God and FA.