Anonymity Letter to the Media

World Service Office of Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous

January 2012  

Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous

Tradition of Anonymity for Press Interviews 

Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous carries the long-standing tradition of anonymity.

FA adopted the principle of anonymity from Alcoholics Anonymous. When AA was formed in 1935, its members recognized that word of mouth alone was not sufficient to carry the program's message of hope and recovery. Since then, the public media has been a vital part of their efforts. Subsequently, FA also works with the media to help carry the message of recovery from food addiction. 

We respectfully request that you continue to cooperate with us in maintaining the anonymity of FA members in the media. The principle of anonymity is a basic tenet of our fellowship. Why? Those who are reluctant to seek our help may overcome their fear if they are confident that their anonymity will be respected.  In addition, our tradition of anonymity acts as a restraint on FA members, reminding members that FA is a program of principles, not personalities, and that no individual FA member may act as a spokesperson for the program. If an FA member is identified in the media, we ask that you please use pseudonyms only and that you not use photographs or electronic images in which members’ faces may be recognized. Please refer to In the News for print, audio, and video examples. 

Again, we thank you for your continued cooperation and support. If you wish to know more about the FA fellowship, please visit the other pages in the Media section of our website, or you can contact us directly at Our fellowship does not comment on matters of public controversy, but we are happy to provide information about FA.



Public Information Committee

of Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous