Phone Lists

An Excerpt from LIVING ABSTINENTLY: A Guide to the FA Tools


Food addiction is a disease of self-centeredness and isolation, so we use the telephone daily to connect with FA members. We begin with a committed call to our sponsor. Phoning others throughout the day, we share our hope, and when we need help, we ask for it. Above all, we call if we are tempted to take the first addictive bite.

This is particularly true for Frontier members!


Sponsors are FA members who will guide you with a food plan and the tools of FA. The Long-Distance Sponsor List is a helpful resource for members who are far away from an established fellowship. Members on this list may be available for long-distance sponsorship, or they can help you find someone with time available. To receive a copy, or to add your name to the list, click the link here: Long-Distance Sponsor List.

Sponsoring frontier members and being Sponsored on the FA frontier. Click here for some experience, strength and hope.


The Frontier Resource phone list is a list of FA members with experience living on the FA frontier and/ or working with frontier members. Would you like to talk with someone who has experience sponsoring frontier members? Or maybe you live on the frontier and wonder how to stay abstinent in an area that has teeny meetings or none at all? If you’d like to talk with members who have experience working the FA program on the frontier and/or working with frontier members, this list can be a valuable resource!
To receive a copy of the list, click the link here: Frontier Resource Phone List.


The Frontier Member List is a list of FA members far away from an established fellowship. It’s helpful for finding other frontier members near you or if you are traveling. And if you’d like to help FA grow outside of areas with meetings, calling these members is a great way to do service. To receive a copy, or to add your name to the list, click here: Frontier Member List.


The Universal Language List is an excellent resource for members who speak a language other than English. Members on this list have the desire to receive/return phone calls and have some ability to speak in a language other than English. To receive a copy, or to add your name to the list, click the link here: Universal Language List.