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Item # Item Title Price Quantity
L-15Your FA Seventh Tradition$1.00
LS-02Veinte Preguntas (Twenty Questions)$0.40
L-02Twenty Questions$0.40
L-12To Our Families and Friends$1.00
L-14Some Thoughts on Sponsoring$1.00
LS-04Sólo por Hoy (Just For Today)$0.35
LG-04Nur für heute (Just For Today)$0.35
L-16Living Abstinently$2.00
LS-01La Adicción a la Comida: hay un solución (Food Addiction: There is a Solution)$1.00
L-04Just For Today$0.35
L-01Food Addiction: There is a Solution$1.00
L-11Food Addiction: Stories of Teens and Twenties in Recovery$1.00
L-10Food Addiction: Stories of Men in Recovery$1.00
BK-10FA Book, softcover, Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous$12.00
BK-11FA Book, Large-Print, Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous$16.00
LG-01Esssucht: Es gibt eine Lösung (Food Addiction:  There is a Solution)$1.00
MC-09Connection Collection Vol. 9: 2011$24.00
MC-08Connection Collection Vol. 8: 2010$24.00
MC-07Connection Collection Vol. 7: 2009-2010$24.00
MC-06Connection Collection Vol. 6: 2008-2009$24.00
MC-05Connection Collection Vol. 5: 2007-2008$24.00
MC-04Connection Collection Vol. 4: 2006-2007$24.00
MC-03Connection Collection Vol. 3: 2005-2006$24.00
MC-14Connection Collection Vol. 14: 2016$24.00
MC-13Connection Collection Vol. 13: 2015$24.00
MC-12Connection Collection Vol. 12: 2014$24.00
MC-11Connection Collection Vol. 11: 2013$24.00
MC-10Connection Collection Vol. 10: 2012$24.00
L-05Before You Take That Bite$0.50
L-03Are you having trouble controlling the way you eat?$0.50
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