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Veinte Preguntas Bandera (Vertical, Spanish Twenty Questions Banner)

"Es ousted aficto a la comia?", Single-sided Retractable Vertical Banner, (33.5 in x 80 in)

This is for use with FA Public Information outreach. This is a vertical banner with the 20 Questions in Spanish.

This lightweight banner is a projector screen-like banner that is pulled from its base and stays up straight with its own pole at the back.  This banner can be used at health fairs, conferences, information sessions, etc.  It is best used in conjunction with the FA generic banner or with the  "What is FA?" banner.  Facing outward from a display table, the ideal placement would have the "What is FA?" banner or the generic FA banner to the left of a table with the Spanish 20 Questions banner on the right side of a table.

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Language: Spanish
PM-08  $228.00  each