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FA Book, Large-Print, Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous

Even if I lose control sometimes, I’m no addict.

Whether over weight, a normal weight, alarmingly thin, bulimic, or a compulsive exerciser, you have spent most of your life battling your weight, yet you cannot control your eating. Your obsession with food tortures you.

Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous is for those who wonder if they might be food addicts as well as those who have never thought of addiction in relationship to eating. The book describes the illness of food addiction and highlights the personal stories of 30 FA members and the journey of long-term recovery offered by Food Addicts in Recovery (FA).

ISBN 97801-932021-88-2
Large-print, softcover, 7” x 10”, 433-page book

Also available in softcover and as e-Book
Read Chapter 1 from the FA Book.

Language: English
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