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Item # Item Title Price
MP3-211White-knuckled Nightmare (Recorded 6/6/2014)$0.99
MP3-212Freedom from Obsession (Recorded 6/6/2014)$0.99
MP3-213The Great Food Escape (Recorded 6/6/2014)$0.99
MP3-215God Uses Everything for Good (Recorded 10/25/2014)$0.99
MP3-216Couldn't Stay Stopped (Recorded 10/25/2014)$0.99
MP3-217The Fattest Nurse in the Army (Recorded 10/25/2014)$0.99
MP3-218If You Want It You Can Have It (Recorded 10/25/2014)$0.99
MP3-219Practice Being Satisfied (Recorded 10/25/2014)$0.99
MP3-220I Should Have Weighed 300 Pounds (Recorded 5/29/2015)$0.99
MP3-221Searching for Significance (Recorded 5/29/2015)$0.99
MP3-222Sober, Sick, and Crazy (Recorded 5/29/2015)$0.99
MP3-223The Secret is to Stay (Recorded 5/29/2015)$0.99
MP3-224Keys to the Kingdom (Recorded 6/3/2016)$0.99
MP3-225I Just Show Up (Recorded 6/3/2016)$0.99
MP3-226I'm So Free! (Recorded 6/3/2016)$0.99
MP3-227From the Pits of Hell – to Heaven on Earth (Recorded 6/3/2016)$0.99
MP3-228Sweet Life (Recorded 10/29/2016)$0.99
MP3-229Transformed, Little By Slow (Recorded 10/29/2016)$0.99
MP3-231Pass It On (Recorded 10/29/2016)$0.99
MP3-232So Good to Be Here (Recorded 6/2/2017)$0.99
MP3-233Eating to Beat the Band (Recorded 6/2/2017)$0.99
MP3-234Show Me How To Eat! (Recorded 6/2/2017)$0.99
MP3-235Anyone But Me (Recorded 6/2/2017)$0.99
MP3-236Absolute Madness with Food (Recorded 6/1/2018)$0.99
MP3-237The 420-Pound Man Who Needed Help (Recorded 6/1/2018)$0.99
MP3-239All in the Family (Recorded 6/1/2018)$0.99
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