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Trifold and Flyer Templates

The purpose of the trifolds is to have a tangible, consistent means of communicating FA to the public. Trifolds can be used in brochure racks at such places as doctors’ offices, health clubs, libraries and posted on community bulletin boards at coffee shops, banks, etc. with prior permission from the proprietor. Several areas have their own trifold brochures, as well as trifolds in Spanish and German. The trifold called Local Meeting trifold is a generic trifold which can be customized for any area that doesn’t already have its own customized trifold. Please remember to first ask for permission from the establishment where you want to post them before putting up trifolds or placing them in a brochure rack.

To get EAI meeting directories and trifolds, please click on:

EAI meeting directories and trifolds

To get WAI meeting trifolds, please click on:

WAI meeting trifolds 


WSI Documents & Forms:

Requesting WSI documents in Word Format:
To request a Word version of a document, email your request to
• In the subject line of your email, type the name of the document you need
• In the body of the email, copy and paste the URL of the web page where the document is posted.
If you have any questions regarding this process, please email:

How to Request a Template in Word Format

How to Request Posting of a Document

Meeting Directory and Trifold Instructions

Local Meeting Trifold Template

Information Session Trifold Template

Teens and Twenties Trifold Template

Deutsches Faltblatt/German Meeting Trifold

Plantilla de Encuentro Español/Spanish Meeting Trifold Template

Information Session Flyer

FA Meeting Flyer

FA Flyer with Questions