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Establishing and Maintaining Trifold Racks in Your Community

  • Sponsoring a trifold rack consists of placing a brochure rack of FA literature (usually trifolds) in such public establishments as libraries, gyms, grocery stores, laundromats, salons, and medical offices, always with the permission of the site’s management.
  • At a monthly business meeting, the PI representative or any voting member can propose sponsoring one or more racks in the community. If the meeting votes to proceed, at least one member (with one year of continuous abstinence suggested) can volunteer to contact facilities and offer racks.
  • The meeting can create a “Sponsor-a-Rack” service position (at least 6 months of continuous abstinence suggested), which entails regularly checking the rack and refilling it with updated trifolds. This person reports in at every business meeting, and provides receipts to the treasurer for copy reimbursement.
  • Each Intergroup and Chapter has its own procedure for distributing racks or labels for racks. Contact, or for information on how to obtain racks and trifolds.
  • If you need to customize meeting information in your trifold, click here for instructions.
  • If racks are not available through your Intergroup or Chapter, you can purchase them at an office supply store. Click here to view a sample rack.
  • You can keep track of rack locations and refills by using the Rack Tracker


Documents and Forms

Requesting WSI documents in Word Format:
To request a Word version of a document, email your request to
• In the subject line of your email, type the name of the document you need.
• In the body of the email, copy and paste the URL of the web page where the document is posted.
If you have any questions regarding this process, please email: