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Public Information

As stated in the FA bylaws, no materials may be offered for sale or distribution at an FA meeting, except as follows:

  • Conference-approved literature (as listed below)
  • Conference-recognized literature (i.e. connection magazine)
  • WSB-approved literature (i.e. qualification MP3’s approved by WSI)
  • Materials distributed by the boards or committees of WSI, FA intergroups, or FA chapters (i.e. WSB reports, the flyers and signs included in this PI Kit, edited with your meeting’s information)
  • Telephone lists (of registered FA meetings)
  • Meeting directories (of registered FA meetings)
  • FA Information Session notices

FA Conference-Approved Literature includes:

  1. Twenty Four Hours A Day book (Hazelden)
  2. Alcoholics Anonymous (the “Big Book”) (AA)
  3. The Little Red Book (Hazelden)
  4. The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions (AA)
  5. All FA pamphlets and books that have been approved by the World Service Conference, including those translated into other languages.

In keeping with the spirit of both Traditions 8 and 11, FA does not use business card handouts. The professional feeling associated with business cards (and cards of similar size and appearance) may convey to the recipient a professional, for-profit impression that is not in keeping with our Traditions.

We are neither a diet company nor a counseling organization.  We are simply folks who have found a way to live contentedly while not eating addictively a day at a time.  The way we found that solution is passed on one-to-one, face-to-face. Personally writing our phone number on a pamphlet will go farther than handing out a business card. The personal touch of writing your number for someone will touch their heart, plus the recipient has a piece of literature to study!

FA Website:

FA World Service has one website which represents and supports FA groups worldwide and is the most visible representation of FA to the public:

Give this address to anyone inquiring about FA: food addicts, friends and families of food addicts, medical professionals or the media.

Documents available to FA members in this Public Information section include:

  • Public Information Kit
  • Public Information Representative Brochure
  • Trifolds: Meeting Announcement trifold brochures for new and weekly meetings and for information sessions
  • Health Fair Guidelines
  • Meeting Announcement tri-fold brochures for new and weekly meetings and for information sessions
  • Calendar Meeting Announcement for placement in calendar/community events sections about FA meetings and Information Sessions in newspaper, radio, tv, cable and/or their corresponding online calendar/event sections
  • Calendar announcement instructions
  • Letters to the Healthcare Professionals and Faith Community Leaders
  • Public Service Announcements – hard copies of the letter, the PSA scripts and the letter to send with the PSA on CD if you don't want to send the MP3 file digitally and need to mail a CD to a particular media outlet
  • Sample script for speaking with a radio or tv station's PSA coordinator
  • Non-FA information session meeting format
  • Record of media and PI contacts to keep track of media contacts at newspapers, radio stations, etc. in your area
  • Information Sessions guidelines
  • FA Information Session meeting format
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) at an Information Session
  • Information session calendar announcements - long & short version
  • Information session evaluation form and task list
  • Social Media guidelines
  • Paid advertising statement
  • Weblinks Instructions and contact
  • MediaWatch contact
  • Healthcarewatch contact
  • Healthcare Outreach tool
  • Sponsor-a-rack



Documents & Forms:

Requesting WSI documents in Word Format:
In order to have a secure website, every document on our website is in PDF format. To request a Word version of a document, email your request to
• In the subject line of your email, type the name of the document you need.
• In the body of the email, copy and paste the URL of the web page where the document is posted.
If you have any questions regarding this process, please email:

PI Kit -- Public Information Kit