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PI Materials: Banners & Tablecloths

Available Banners & Tablecloths

FA has several banners and tablecloths available for purchase as Public Information materials to be used at FA public information and outreach events, such as booths at health fairs, conferences, information sessions, etc. Available are one hanging horizontal banner, four versions of vertical banners, and two sizes of tablecloths.  For information about Health Fairs, click here.

Hanging Horizontal Banner: This is a 6 ft x 4 ft banner to hang behind a table using clips, rope, etc. It has "Food Addiction There is a Solution" and the FA  website and logo. It is best used up high behind a table at a display booth at trade shows, conferences, etc.

Vertical Retractable Banners: There are four versions of the vertical banners: 20 Questions in English, 20 Questions in Spanish, What is FA?, and a Generic FA Banner. Each lightweight vertical banner is a projector screen-like banner that is pulled from its display base and stays up straight with its own pole at the back. Each comes with a lightweight carrying case.

Tablecloths: This is a cream tablecloth with the FA logo and website, draping over all sides of a table. It comes in two sizes: for a 6 foot table or for an 8 foot table.      

To Order PI Materials (Banners & Tablecloths): Click here

How to Use Banners & Tablecloths at a PI Event

The ideal set-up for a booth would be to have a vertical banner flanking each side of a table with the horizontal FA banner hanging on the back wall of a booth.  The table should be covered with the FA tablecloth.  For larger booths, multiple vertical banners can flank both sides of the table. Facing outward from a display table, the ideal placement would have the "What is FA?" banner or the generic FA banner to the left of a table with the 20 Questions banner on the right side of a table.
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          Spanish        20 Questions              Hanging Banner             What is FA?      Generic FA
       20 Questions        (English)                    Tablecloth       

How to set up Vertical Rectractable Banners (video clip)

This video clip demonstrates how to set up the vertical retractable banners. It is not exactly the same as our banners, but the concept is the same.  The set-up instructions start about 44 seconds into the video, followed by instructions for taking down the banner.

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