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Living on the Frontier

Are you new to FA with no meetings in your area?

To learn more about FA and how to get started 
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Welcome to FA on the Frontier!
What is meant by the FA Frontier? 
It is an area far away from an established FA fellowship.

For FA members living on the frontier and/or working with frontier members:

Below you will find resources and experience, strength, and hope about working the FA program in areas without FA meetings.

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Frontier Resource Calls  Postponed During Covid-19


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Why Food Addicts Need In-Person Meetings

Phone Gatherings During Covid-19
Some members are gathering by phone and video conference calls while in-person meetings are canceled. Call FA meeting contacts (listed under each meeting) for call-in information and/or speak with your sponsor and fellows. 

Don't eat no matter what.

"There is always help and there is always hope. Reach out! You are not alone anymore."

[From the "Before you take that bite" pamphlet]