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If you have any questions about your LITERATURE ORDER, contact the FA Office by email and provide your name, phone number, order number, order date, and question. The FA Office will follow up with you.

If you have questions about the literature content or ideas for the Literature Committee, then please use the email .


Food Addiction and the FA Solution: Feedback Requested

The WSI Literature Committee considered your feedback thus far and would like to continue to receive your feedback on Food Addiction and the FA Solution, a new pamphlet for anyone who wants to learn about food addiction and the solution offered by FA. It will NOT replace the existing pamphlet Food Addiction: There is a Solution. You can access the draft here.

Please send feedback to You may also share feedback on one of the following conference calls:

Sunday, November 18, 11am EST (515) 603-3155 #801842
Tuesday, January 8, 8pm EST (515) 603-3155 #801842


Contact the Literature Committee:



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