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Sponsoring frontier members and being Sponsored on the FA Frontier - some experience, strength and hope

Sponsoring Frontier Members

Sponsor #1

Sponsoring someone on the frontier has provided opportunities for service and growth. FA grows when I stretch myself and reach out to people who live in areas where there are zero or very few FA meetings. I can let another member know that they are not alone. I can let a prospective newcomer hear hope when they are desperate.

Sponsoring someone on the frontier has taught me patience, humility, and flexibility. I’ve learned patience when my sponsee tries to call on time, and the connection repeatedly fails; when I ask someone with an unfamiliar accent to slowly repeat what they said—sometimes several times; and when I don’t recognize a food that is being committed because I don’t have it in my country or it is called by a different name, and I need to have it repeated or explained again.

I’ve learned humility when I understand what great lengths a sponsee has gone to when they have to fly to or drive long distances to meetings, and when I respect the financial and time commitments involved.

And finally, I’ve learned flexibility around call times to accommodate time zones different from my own, sometimes taking calls at less-than-convenient times for me. I have come to see that the person on the other end of the line is exercising flexibility too.

It takes a little more effort to sponsor someone who lives on the frontier, but God always provides what I need if I am willing to get out of my comfort zone. Each day I am grateful for the opportunity to be of service.

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Being Sponsored as a Frontier Member

Sponsee #1

My sponsor has been an essential catalyst in daily arresting my disease of food addiction. Ultimately, the most important thing she does is point me to God as my source of help and strength to not eat one day at a time.

Because we do not live near each other and do not have the benefit of attending the same meetings, I constantly look for ways I can be more honest and transparent with her about the food, my tools, and life in general. The more willing I am to be honest and vulnerable, the more help I get.

I make it a priority to travel to see my sponsor as often as possible. Being in her home and seeing her work her pro-gram is so incredibly helpful. Because she lives in the Boston area, there is a built-in reason to see her and stay with her prior to the business conventions each year. She has also stayed in my home, met my family, and spent time with our small local fellowship. She has been incredibly generous with her time. She has been available outside our committed call times, and we have taken advantage of technology such as video conferencing, text messaging, and photo exchange. She doesn’t give me special treatment because I’m in an extremely small fellowship. She works with me to find ways to do service work in FA and work a strong program in the area where I live.

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