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Long-Distance Sponsor List

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The FA Long-Distance Sponsor List is a helpful resource for members who are far away from an in-person established fellowship. Members on this list may be available for long-distance sponsorship, or they can help you find someone with time available.

Click here to receive a copy of the Long-Distance Sponsor List.

If you need help, email

You can volunteer to do service on the Long-Distance Sponsor List.

Requirements for being on the Long-Distance Sponsor List:

  1.  Have at least 2 years of continuous abstinence, have completed at least one FA AWOL, and be working with an FA Sponsor.
  2. Respond within 48 hours to a caller who is looking for a sponsor. If you are unavailable to sponsor, help the caller find an available sponsor.
  3. Be on the list for a minimum of three months and respond by email within 48 hours to confirm being on the list on a quarterly basis.
  4. Email to be removed from the list or to make changes to contact information.

To volunteer, email