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Digital Outreach Committee

Weblinks Blog Watch College Outreach Google Adwords Google Alerts Calendar Announcements Podcasts Digital Outreach Committee Google Analytics Digital Outreach subcommittees focus on expanding FA’s online footprint, increasing the likelihood that anyone, anywhere, anytime will find help with their food addiction. These committees raise public awareness of FA through online links, articles, newsletters, college outreach and media outlets.

  • Provides assistance to any FA member seeking to inform the public about FA via the internet.
  • Gets the FA website listed as a resource on other websites
  • Supports efforts to optimize the website.

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Spread the Word Digitally

If you see an article, blog or online forum talking about food addiction, overeating, etc, forward the information to

If you come across a relevant website that does not list FA as a resource, send the URL of that website to

How To Grow Your Local Meetings

  • Post your meetings online in a local newspaper, radio station, or free online event site. See Calendar Announcements.
  • Contact a local website, organization, or medical center inviting them to post the FA link on their website. See Weblinks.
  • Contact your local college or university health and/or counseling center inviting them to post a link to FA on their web page as a health or eating disorders resource. See College Outreach.
  • Did you ever take any classes at a local college or vocational school? Use the Alumni Email Template and Instructions to contact your school to raise awareness about FA. See College Outreach.
  • Submit this Board-approved Generic FA article to your local newspaper(s) to pave the way for a potential story. To send this article to your local newspaper, use the “submit a news items” prompt. 

Service Opportunities: Join A Team

Google Alerts team: members pick out relevant articles each week to send to Media Watch and Blog Watch. Suggested time: 30 mins per week.

Weblinks team: members generate relevant websites and send a request to suggest the website post the FA link as a resource. 

College Outreach team: members reach out to colleges worldwide, with information about FA in order to make college and university students aware of FA. 

Blog Watch: members post relevant Board-approved comments on blogs, or online articles about eating and weight issues. Contact

Calendar Announcements: members help organize online resources for posting calendar and event listings.

Media Watch: members send out information about FA to health professionals and media persons mentioned in online and print articles. Media Watch is a subcommittee of Media Outreach, a WSI committee.

Google Analytics or Google AdWords teams: members use digital marketing or SEO experience to help analyze web statistics and find ways to make the website more searchable and efficient.