For Members

COVID-19 Email #6: A Message from the World Service Board

October 3, 2020

This message has been sent to all FA members who have set up a profile on the FA website.

Dear FA members,

We hope that you remain abstinent and healthy in this time of pandemic and, for many of us, serious self-reflection.

The World Service Board (WSB) received numerous letters from members about experiences of racism and marginalization which left them feeling unwelcome in the fellowship. Some described hearing insensitive and intolerant sentiments expressed between fellows and from sponsor to sponsee. Others wrote about feeling judged based on their gender identity, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status. Many expressed concerns about their medical and mental health treatments.

The members of the WSB understand that we are part of a diverse fellowship and are committed to examining our own individual biases. We also recognize that the organization has work to do. We are committed to bringing to life the Third Tradition which states, “The only requirement for FA membership is a desire to stop eating addictively.” We must remove all barriers to recovery.

The WSB is in the process of forming Advisory Committees both at the Board level and through the Meeting Effectiveness Support and Assistance (MESA) Committee which will be made up of WSB committee chairs and members of the broader fellowship who, because of their experiences with marginalization, will offer help and guidance. Our goal is to create a culture within FA where everyone is welcome and free to fully participate in the FA program of recovery. We will study what barriers and practices are injurious. With a better understanding of our shortfalls, we will be able to develop more effective plans to bring about the necessary culture change. We must be tireless in these endeavors, so that no one ever feels unwelcome in FA.

Any concerns, questions, or suggestions may be sent to

In service,

The World Service Board, Eastern Area Intergroup, and Western Area Intergroup

The World Service Board is made up of a group of thirteen food addicts (including four officers and nine committee chairs) who serve the FA fellowship as guided by the World Service Conference. The Conference represents the collective conscience of FA and comprises representatives elected by individual meetings. The WSB abides by the will of the Conference, implementing decisions made at the annual World Service Business Convention.