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COVID-19 Email #5: A Message from the World Service Board

June 1, 2020

This message has been sent to all FA members who have set up a profile on the FA website.

As we navigate the difficult waters of life under stay-at-home orders, the World Service Board (WSB) has been gratified to learn of the many creative ways that our fellowship has supported each other and stayed true to the guiding principles of our Twelve Step program. The structure of the FA program has helped our membership remain connected to each other. With the new technologies available, our world-wide reach has never been stronger. Many newcomers are finding their way to virtual gatherings on a variety of platforms and staying afterwards to have personal connections with long-term members in a safe environment. It is great to see our heritage of "one-addict-to-another" working so well even in these challenging times. A digital newcomer packet can be found here and on the home page of

At the World Service level, the MESA (Meeting Effectiveness, Support, and Assistance) Committee continues to provide helpful guidance to our members. We have been able to offer virtual support through special editions of connection magazine and the Gratitude in Action newsletter. Our tireless workers in the FA office respond to inquiries as quickly as possible, and we offer our sincerest thanks to Norma and Adrienne for keeping the office humming and our website current.

As different countries and localities begin to ease restrictions, many in our fellowship have looked to the WSB, intergroups, and chapter for specific directives about when and how to open up. We understand that there are many difficult decisions to make, and this can be confusing and stressful. We remind the fellowship that there are no authorities in FA; the WSB takes its direction from the World Service Conference, which is the collective conscience of our fellowship. Most decisions at the meeting level are made by group conscience with the guidance of our Higher Powers. While the WSB has neither the ability nor the authority to make across-the-board rules for meetings, we can offer these observations and suggestions:
  • Things are slowly opening up in some countries and regions; a few locations have already shifted to in-person meetings; some meetings are in places that are still under shelter-in-place regulations and have not even begun to think about going back.
  • Groups should follow the rules and regulations of their local public health authorities. With that in mind, meeting groups will arrive at decisions through discussions with one another and group conscience. 
  • It may be many months before most of our meetings even consider returning to in-person status. However, when meetings do open up, we recommend that meeting groups think carefully about ways to keep face-to-face interactions as safe as possible, including recommendations for physical distancing and meeting space hygiene.
  • Individuals should consult with their health professionals and use their own discretion and common sense about participating in a group meeting. As with all important decisions, taking some moments of quiet time with our Higher Powers and talking with our sponsors can provide clarity. No one should feel any pressure to go to a face-to-face meeting if they do not feel it is safe for them to do so.
We deeply appreciate the generosity of so many of you who have made your 7th tradition contributions to the fellowship through the FA website. What a tremendous showing of support! Again, we remind you that disposition of 7th tradition funds is up to individual members and meetings. The "donate" button on the upper right corner of FA's home page provides detailed directions on how to contribute to WSI (World Service, Inc.), Eastern Area Intergroup, Western Area Intergroup and the Maine Chapter.

We wish you continued good health, peace of mind, and the joys of recovery, even in a world turned upside down. We always welcome your suggestions about ways to help each other and to reach the still-suffering food addict. Do let us continue to hear from you. The best way to contact us is by sending an email to

Thank you again for everything you do to ensure the strength and vitality of our life-affirming program of recovery.

In humble service,

The World Service Board
The World Service Board is made up of a group of thirteen food addicts (including four officers and nine committee chairs) who serve the FA fellowship as guided by the World Service Conference. The Conference represents the collective conscience of FA and comprises representatives elected by individual meetings. The WSB abides by the will of the Conference, implementing decisions made at the annual World Service Business Convention.