For Members

COVID-19 Email #4: Changes to the FA Website

April 21, 2020

This message has been sent to all FA members who have set up a profile on the FA website.

New Donation Button on FA Home Page
This month has continued to present challenges to all of us as the impact of the coronavirus, COVID-19, is felt around the world.The World Service Board has received inquiries as to how FA members can donate to FA-WSI, intergroups, and the Maine chapter.

The FA office has addressed this issue by making it easier to donate if you are able to support the fellowship in this way. We have placed a DONATE button on the upper right-hand side of the FA website that will give FA members easy access to online giving. Instructions for mail-in donations are provided as well.

Change in Job Title: Web and Directory Contact is Now the Meeting Contact
During this time of crisis, the FA website has taken on increased importance, especially as newcomers look for solutions to food addiction. "Meeting Contact" is a title with a clear meaning, especially for first-time users. The job description will remain the same. It will take some time to implement this change across the website, but we will be using Meeting Contact in future communications.

Thank you for your patience as we navigate these unusual circumstances. We continue to be inspired by the resilience of our amazing fellowship. It is especially heartening to be able to attract and welcome newcomers to the program while we are homebound, and we hope these simple changes will help with those efforts.

In gratitude and service,

The World Service Board