For Members

How to Connect to FA and Important Information for Members During COVID-19

Connect to FA gatherings during COVID-19

While in-person meetings are canceled, many meetings are gathering by phone and video conference calls. Contact the FA Meeting Contact listed under each meeting for call-in information. You can also contact frontier@foodaddicts.orgIf you'd like to talk to an FA member, email us and request the FA Greeter Phone List.


Literature is a wonderful resource and can be shared with others


Listen to Members' Stories


Connect to an FA sponsor

Would you like to get started? First, you'll need a sponsor. Here is a list to connect you with a sponsor who can help.


Letters to the fellowship from the World Service Board

Guidance and support from the World Service Board during COVID-19.


An Opportunity and a Responsibility to Overcome Our Biases and Treat All with Love and Respect