For Members

Community Outreach Area Coordinator

Suggested tasks and responsibilities (Two-year abstinence requirement):

  • Store and monitor PI event materials, including rollup banners, banner stands, logo tablecloths, as well as copies of the FA Book, trifolds and pamphlets, used for community outreach service in the designated geographic area.
  • Seek out and receive notices of community health fairs and other opportunities to do a community outreach table or Information Session with the non-FA public, and notify the coordinator of Community Outreach (CO).
  • Communicate with event organizers to register and obtain details of the event, including logistics and parking passes.
  • Maintain a list of contact information for local volunteers with 90 days or more of continuous abstinence, who are willing to do service to support CO events.
  • When a CO event is confirmed, schedule and confirm volunteers, share event details with the volunteers, arrange for delivery of the PI event kit, and update and print quantities of meeting trifolds.
  • Be available onsite or by phone during PI events for support or backup.
  • Be sure an event evaluation is completed and provided to the CO coordinator in a timely manner.
  • Attend all CO subcommittee meetings or calls, when scheduled.
  • Submit a monthly report of pending and completed CO events in your area to the CO coordinator for the WAI PI report and be willing, if asked, to share experiences of CO events at WAI meetings.

Service Opportunity:

If you are interested in learning more about being a Community Outreach Area Coordinator, please contact