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Bylaws and Traditions

Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee is responsible for the maintenance and accuracy of the World Service governing documents, considering any bylaws amendments with the approval of the World Service Board, addressing bylaws motions issues, submitting motions and presenting motions where appropriate to the World Service Conference, and providing guidance for questions related to the bylaws.

WSI Bylaws Committee October 2020 eForum Presentation

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Traditions Review Committee (TRC)

The TRC has been charged by the WSI to review and discuss how the Twelve Traditions might guide the consideration of specific issues and concerns raised by individuals, meetings, intergroups, chapters, or the WSB. The TRC will share its thoughts with those who have sent inquiries and with the general fellowship when appropriate.

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FA Traditions Review Committee Index of Historical Issues and Responses

The FA Traditions Review Committee Index of Historical Issues and Responses (the “TRC Index”) includes most of the inquiries received by the TRC from individual FA members, meetings or service groups since 2002 and the TRC’s opinions. The TRC Index is presented in a user-friendly, searchable document; it is not able to be downloaded because it will be regularly updated by the committee.

How to Use the Index

  • Click on the link to the index to open a browser page (e.g., Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari). 
  • Use the search function (e.g., CTRL+F) to open a search box.
  • Enter a search term (e.g., “7th Tradition” or “Phone List”).
  • Review the highlighted example for the submitted issue and TRC Response.
  • If that is not your particular question, search again, review the next item, and so on, until the end of the search is reached.

The TRC asks that any users send any comments, suggestions or questions to We hope you find the TRC Index useful.


Access the TRC Index


Twelve Traditions as Adapted by FA 

AA's Twelve Traditions - Long Form is provided as a resource by the TRC.