For Members

12th Step

The 12th Step Committee encourages service among FA members, and helps intergroups, chapters and meetings carry the message of recovery. The committee serves as a resource to support both meetings, and individual members who ask for help. We provide outreach to those FA members who are isolated due to distance, language barriers, or physical constraints. 12th Step subcommittees include Frontier; Gratitude in Action; Meeting Effectiveness, Support and Assistance (MESA); and Conference Members.


The Frontier Subcommitee

The Frontier Subcommittee supports FA members in areas that do not yet have an established fellowship. The committee highlights resources for getting abstinent, building a local fellowship and getting involved in service.  It also helps the wider FA fellowship understand how they can support frontier members, thereby spreading FA around the world. For more information, please visit the Frontier page.


Gratitude in Action Subcommittee

The Gratitude in Action Subcommittee (GIA) produces a quarterly newsletter that is designed to encourage and inspire FA members to do service, both in general, and through specific FA service positions. Members with long-term recovery have found that doing service in FA forms the core of their own recovery. The GIA newsletter provides specific information about FA service positions, including personal reflections of members who have served in these positions.
To view past issues of Gratitude in Action, visit Newsletters.  


The Meeting Effectiveness Support and Assistance Subcommittee (MESA)

An effective FA meeting helps its members attain and maintain abstinence, while carrying the message of recovery to still-suffering food addicts. MESA assists FA meeting groups increase their effectiveness through written guidance, and telephone support. FA members are encouraged to email MESA at for direct assistance with concerns about meeting effectiveness, or issues of safety and accessibility.


Conference Member Subcommittee

Do you have five years of back-to-back abstinence? Have you completed at least one AWOL? Do you regularly attend an FA meeting that does not routinely elect a conference member to attend the FA Business Convention?  The goal of this subcommittee is to increase attendance at the Business Convention by qualified members whose meetings have no representation.



Thank-a-thons are special, gratitude-themed FA meetings held in the U.S. on Thanksgiving Day. Everyone is welcome to attend. Click here for more information on Thank-a-thons.