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Follow are recent items on the radio about FA and food addiction:

Freedom from Food Addiction and Eating Disorders?  "Absolutely Possible" Says Recovered Addict
Your Family's Health - Jeanine Cook-Garard
The Right Time - Evenings with Finey
Greater Boston Today with George Knight
  Global News - Calgary Today with Angela Kokott 
WSIU - In Focus: NEDA Week
WFIN - Good Mornings
Tim Celeste - "Spotlight" MP3 Logo
  NPR - West Michigan MP3 Logo
WCPN Logo The Sound of Ideas: Mindless Eating MP3 Logo
John Rothmann Show - Food Addicts and Thanksgiving
John Rothmann Show - November 22, 2019: Food Addicts In Recovery Anonymous
  Can A Doughnut be a drug?  
A Solution to Food Addiction

  Susan Jewel interview "Are You Having Trouble Controlling Your Eating?"