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These NJ women explain what it was like to be addicted to food

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Food Fiends: Recovery Group Available for Those Who Cannot Control Eating

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Desperate to end your obsession with food? These two food addicts found a solution.

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Our View: Food Addiction Puts Nation's Obesity Problem in Perspective

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Food Addicts Talk Turkey As the Most Binge-Inducing Holiday Looms

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Food Addicts In Recovery Anonymous: The Only Weight-Loss Program That Works For Some

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Road to Recovery from Food Addiction

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Sweet Surrender and Recovery from Daily Battle with Food Addiction

September 3, 2015: Vauxhall Advance

Support for Food Addicts Available in Region

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Food Addicts Find AA-Style Help

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Food addiction is a real issue and this organization can help you

June 22, 2015: HealthCentral

Could You Be a Food Addict?

June 13, 2015: San Antonio Express-News

Food Addicts Find Help and Hope in 12-Step Program

May 27, 2015: Herald Sun

Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous helping people overcome their food fixations

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Facing Up To Food Addiction

January 3, 2015: Buffalo News Refresh Blog

These WNYers Decided Cutting Out Flour, Sugar Was The Best Way To Live

January 3, 2015: Buffalo News

Addiction Group Offers Dietary Support

January 1, 2015: Fox WBRC, Savannah, Georgia

Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous Coming to Savannah

September 17, 2014: Lethbridge Herald, Lethbridge, Canada

Consuming Addiction - Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous Open House Sunday At Hospital

February 18, 2014: The Daily Telegraph, Sydney, Australia

Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous offers hope for those living with food addiction

November 10, 2013: The Telegraph, Nashua, New Hampshire

Nashua Food Addicts in Recovery to Hold Special Information Session

October 11, 2013: 303 Magazine, Denver, Colorado

@Elletitude: Food Addicts In Recovery Anonymous

April 10, 2013: Bangor Daily News, Bangor, Maine

Belfast woman loses 100 pounds with Food Addicts program

March 31, 2013: SeacoastOnline, Maine

Battling Addiction to Food

February 24, 2013: Herald Sun Leader - Melbourne, Australia

Hampton group aims to help people with food addiction

September 25, 2012: Fredrick News Post

Program Support Group Helps People with Food Addiction

January 13, 2012: Naples News

"At War with the Fridge"

March 7, 2011: National Post - Canada

Food Addiction and the Fat Stigma

August 8, 2010: Boston Herald

Food addiction support groups growing in popularity

August 8, 2010: Boston Herald

Three tales from the dark corners of food addiction

August 8, 2010: Boston Herald

Debate over food addiction

October 2, 2011: Union Leader

For these Addicts Food is their Drug

June 30, 2010: Ken-Ton Bee, New York

Food Addicts Find Recovery Through Area Program

July 27, 2009: Medicine Hat News - Alberta, Canada

Local Group Shows That Food Addiction Can Be Overcome

June 8 , 2006: Parma Sun Post

Craving,Food Addicts Find Help in 12-Step Group

October 11, 2010: Cleveland Plain Dealer

The Plain Dealer - For some, combating obesity means taking black-and-white approach to losing weight

July 18, 2005: Marin Independent Journal

Group Modeled After AA Helps Marin Residents Get their Lives Under Control

April 2010: MetLife LifeAdvice

Metlife Life Advice - Why Diets Don't Work

September 25, 2010: Cape Coral Daily Breeze

Food Addicts find support in peer recovery group

October 26, 2010: Frederick News post

Food addicts find help in 12-step program

Februrary 22, 2011: Erie Times

Food addicts meetings in Erie area offer hope to overweight people

August 22, 2010: Panama City News Herald

Locals Recovering from Food Addiction One Step at a Time

March 5, 2011: Northcote Leader

Fighting food addiction much easier with help

What is Your Relationship with Food?

October 19, 2010:

Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous: 12-Step Program Available

January 20, 2011: FA Eats

Recovering From Food Addiction: A Personal Story