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EAI Teens & Twenties

The EAI Teens and Twenties Committee carries the message of FA to young people by sending mailings to schools and by planning outreach events for interested groups whose primary membership is young people. For example, if a school contacts FA, the Teens and Twenties Committee may arrange for a panel of FA members to speak at the school. 

Contact Information

Ann Marie S., EAI Teens and Twenties Chair

Teens & Twenties Email Template COVID-19




Instructions to send COVID-email to Healthcare Professionals who may be in touch with young people:

    1. From your personal email: Compose a blank email.
    2. Copy the body of this email template in its entirety.
    3. Paste the text into the blank email.
    4. Enter "Food Addiction Resources During COVID-19" into the Subject Line of the email.
    5. Enter the name of the Teacher, Professor, or Healthcare Professional you will be emailing after "Dear" from the Template. If you are sending it to a general mailbox, you can enter "Hi" or "Dear Healthcare Professional."
    6. Enter your email address, phone number, first name, and last initial at the bottom.
    7. SEND.

Teens & Twenties Kit

Click here for information and step-by-step instructions for reaching out to a local high school, college, or health fair.




Instructions for Downloading Documents/Templates

  1. Download each form to your computer.
  2. Open the form/document to edit/add information.
  3. Save to your computer.
  4. Email the saved form to the intended recipient. 

Documents/Templates for Classroom Outreaches

FA Member Sign Up Sheet

Classroom Outreach Planning Form

Classroom Outreach Evaluation Form (Internal)

Classroom Outreach Evaluation Form (External)

Classroom Outreach Format

Documents/Templates for Health Fair Outreaches

FA Member Sign Up Sheet

Health Fair Outreach Planning Form

Health Fair Outreach Evaluation Form (Internal)

Outreach Tracking Document

Phone Call Scripts for Contacting Schools

National Eating Disorder Awareness (NEDA) Week Email Template

Teens & Twenties Kit