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EAI Meeting Report


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At February’s Intergroup the EAI body in person will be voting on whether a motion composed by a meeting in Georgia suggesting changes to the FA format, shall be heard at the June 2019 FA Business Convention. Members must be 2 years abstinent in order to vote.

EAI contacts: There was an email sent in which fellows were invited to attend conference calls set up by the EAI board. In these calls the Motions will be discussed and questions may be asked by anyone. Please click here to read the proposed Motions for EAI Discussion.

Here are the calls still available to attend:

  • Tuesday, January 29 at 8 pm
  • Thursday, January 31 at 10 am
  • Friday, February 8 at 8 pm
  • Saturday, February 9 at 4 pm
Dial in Number: (605) 475-4000
Access Code  1059315#
  • Note from the Financial Aid and Resources Committee:  It is the time of year that each meeting selects a voting member to attend the WSBC in June. The FAR committee wants all voting members to be aware that financial aid is available if they are in need. Applications can be found on our website on the EAI Financial Aid Page. If you have questions or concerns you can contact the FAR committee chair at
  • International fellows: we are happy to share your local phone list in this report. Email Jen H.


Sunday, April 14, 2019 at 8:00 am EST. Dial in info: Dial 515-603-3104 / Access Code 288741#. Theme: TBD. Please contact Jen H. at with any questions.


When you share at meetings, are you refraining from mentioning food by name as well as avoiding detailed descriptions? Painting an elaborate picture can trigger fantasies that may lead to the bite for the speaker and others. Please be considerate.


Public Information, Lisa G.:

  • Public Information Session Announcement:
       Joint session sponsored by the Braintree, Sharon, and Weymouth meetings.
       Saturday, March 30, 2019
       Emmanuel Parish Church
       519 Washington Street
       Braintree, MA 02184
       Please join us for lunch at noon followed by meeting at 2pm.

  • There is a new email address for inquiries on the new FA Healthcare Slideshow.  If you have a possible venue at which to present the slideshow, or if you (or your service group) would like to see it using GoToMeeting, please email Eric M. at  Eric will be happy to take you through the process.  We have had several presentations of it by FA members and the feedback has been positive.  

  • Join us on Sunday, February 10, when members of the EAI PI Committee will be available prior to the start of the regular committee meeting to answer questions for PI Reps or any other fellow with PI-related questions Join us on February 10 at 9:15 am EST for a 30-minute call. The dial-in number is 605-475-4000 and the access code is 1066681# The committee meeting will follow at 9:45 am. All are welcome to join us!!!

Service Support Committee, Cayce K.:

Monthly Local Service Group Meetings:

  • Metro Atlanta, GA:  2nd Saturday 11:40am-12:10pm – Contact: Rosa at 404-308-8187
  • Southeast Michigan:  Last Thursday of the month 8:15pm, Contact: Linda at 248-320-6842 for conference call details.
  • Charlotte, NC: 3rd Saturday – Contact: Margaret M. at
  • DC Area: 3rd Sunday, 10:30am-11:30am - Contact: Pam N. at
  • Rochester, NY: 2nd Saturday, 10:15am-11am – Contact: Jeanne U. at
  • Ithaca, NY: 4th Saturday, 11am-12pm – Contact:  Paula K. at
  • Philadelphia, PA: 2nd Saturday, 7:45am-8:45am – Contact: Abigail H. at
  • Louisville, KY: 3rd Monday, 8pm-8:30pm – Contact: Annie K. at
  • West Michigan: 2nd Saturday 9:45am – Contact: Karin D. at 616-464-3328
  • Southwest FL: 3rd Tuesday, 6:00pm-6:45pm – Contact: Barbara S. at 239-410-0081

12th Step, Glenny D.:

  • The 12th Step Committee welcomes requests for Writing Sessions. A Writing Session is a great way to use the tool of writing and increase fellowship for the local meetings. Please contact the 12th Step Committee via with writing session requests and also for guidance.

Teens and Twenties, Ann Marie S.,

  • Please join us for the Teens & Twenties Committee Meeting at 9:45am EST on Intergroup Sunday!
    Conference Call Line: 605-475-4700 / Access Code 293738#. 
  • For those interested in joining the T&T Committee meeting via video-conferencing, please contact Ann Marie S. at:


Chair: Christine W.,

Vice Chair: Jen H.,

Treasurer: Katie M.,

Secretary: Jean P.,

Office: Andrea L.,

EAI IT: Cynthia R.,

Bylaws:  Evelyn C.,

Financial Aid and Resources Committee: Anita F.,

Service Support Weekend Planning Committee: Gabe E.,