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EAI Meeting Report

Message from the EAI Board

We wish to support you any way we can during this challenging time. Please click here to read the message from the EAI Board.


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Click here to see the details from March’s Body Meeting, which includes a presentation of motion to discuss remote voting and a trial of remote voting. Please click here for the EAI Attendee Phone List, which includes fellows available to sponsor. 

**Please send questions or ideas regarding the EAI report to Jen H. at

***International Fellows: We are happy to share your local phone list in this report. Email Jen H. Click here for the updated Jerusalem Phone List.

Quick Links for the EAI Body Meeting:*

Click here to join the Body Meeting via Zoom. 

Click here to sign in to the EAI Body Meeting Attendee List.

*For detailed instructions, please see the EAI IT Committee Report.

NEXT EAI MEETING: April 5, 2020

Please join us at the EAI Meeting! The next Eastern Area Intergroup (EAI) meeting will be on Sunday, April 5, 2020 at 9am EST. Due to the corona virus restriction, please join us remotely on any smartphone or laptop. It's easy to log in and you get to enjoy an audio and visual experience of our Intergroup Sunday morning meeting via ZOOM. This month we are switching to this platform JUST FOR THE BODY MEETING. Committee meetings will continue this month to meet via GotoMeeting as indicated in their report below.

What’s happening at April’s meeting:

Our IT committee will be doing a deep dive on how to use Zoom and etiquette during conference calls and video conferencing. 


Sunday, April 19, 2020 at 8:00am EDT.  ***NEW Dial-In Information***

  • US Dial-In Number: 605-313-5893 / Access code: 244302#
  • International Numbers: click here to find the number by country / Access code: 244302#

Topic will be determined. Please contact Jen H. at with any questions.


Has your meeting found an alternative way to gather during this time of isolation? Has everyone who attends your meeting been notified of the conference call or video conferencing numbers to join in?


Public Information, Lisa B.:

  • Join us on Sunday, April 5, when members of the EAI PI Committee will be available prior to the start of the regular committee meeting to answer questions for PI Reps or any other fellow with PI-related questions. Join us on April 5 at 7:30am EST for a 30-minute call. The committee meeting will follow at 8:00am. Join by clicking this link for GoToMeeting: Please see the EAI IT Committee Report for instructions on how to join using the EAI PI Meeting ID: 817-097-509 and phone number: 872-240-3412. All are welcome to join us!!!
  • Massachusetts/RI/NH/VT HCSS outreach: We are continuing our campaign to find opportunities to present the HCSS in the medical community and we need your help! We would like to ask PI reps at Massachusetts meetings to announce at their meetings that the HCSS exists and when fellows have an appointment with a health care provider (HCP) to mention this and let their HCP know they can have a presentation of the slideshow at their office during their lunch hour. We have a projector and qualified FA members in the area to do the presentation, we just need a light colored wall to show the slides. If you have any interest from your HCP, please email and we can make the arrangements. 
  • Calling all EAI PI Reps!!  We invite you to click here to check out the updated EAI PI Committee webpage. 

Service Support Committee, Anita F.:

Monthly Local Service Group Meetings: (Times listed below are EDT.)

  • Metro Atlanta, GA:  2nd Saturday 11:40am-12:10pm – Contact: Rosa at 404-308-8187
  • Southeast Michigan:  Last Thursday of the month 8:15pm, Contact: Linda at 248-320-6842
  • Charlotte, NC: 3rd Saturday – Contact: Margaret M. at
  • DC Area: 3rd Sunday, 10:30am-11:30am - Contact: Akia at 757-729-0121
  • Rochester, NY: 2nd Saturday, 10:15am-11am – Contact: Jeanne U. at
  • Ithaca, NY: 4th Saturday, 11am-12pm – Contact:  Paula K. at
  • Philadelphia, PA: 2nd Saturday, 7:45am-8:45am – Contact: Abigail H. at
  • Louisville, KY: 3rd Monday, 8pm-8:30pm – Contact: Annie K. at
  • West Michigan: 2nd Saturday 9:45am – Contact: Karin D. at 616-464-3328
  • Southwest FL: 3rd Tuesday, 6:00pm-6:45pm – Contact: Barbara S. at 239-410-0081

Teens and Twenties, Ann Marie S.,

  • EAI Teens & Twenties Kit Now Available on the FA Website! You can now access a detailed Kit HERE on the FA Teens and Twenties website for a one-stop-shop venue for all information one would need to execute an FA Informational Outreach at a local high school or college from start to finish. You can also find it on the FA website by inputting Teens and Twenties Kit in the search box.
  • Please join us for the Teens & Twenties Committee Meeting at 8:00am EDT on Intergroup Sunday!
    Use or the GoToMeeting App on your smartphone and enter Meeting Number 908-494-685. For phone only, call 872-240-3212 and Access Code 908-494-685.  

Office: Andrea L.,

  • Join us on Intergroup Sunday at 8:00am EST. Join by clicking this link for GoToMeeting: Please see the EAI IT Committee Report for instructions on how to join using the EAI Office Meeting ID: 367-717-797 and phone number: 571-317-3122.

Service Support Weekend Planning Committee: Cayce K.,

  • Join us on Intergroup Sunday at 8:00am EST. Use or the GoToMeeting App on your smartphone and enter Meeting Number 645-560-053. For phone only, call 669-224-3412 and Access Code 645-560-053.

12th Step, Lou C.,

  • Join us on Intergroup Sunday at 8:00am EDT. Join by clicking this link for GoToMeeting: Please see the EAI IT Committee Report for instructions on how to join using the 12th Step Meeting ID: 278-060-701 and phone number: 408-650-3123.

EAI IT: Cynthia R.,

Join the EAI Body Meeting remotely via Zoom using the options below:

  1. Use your laptop or computer to join via Input the Meeting ID: 847 548 759.
  2. Use the Zoom mobile app on your smart phone. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Open the app from your smartphone, select Join Meeting and input the Meeting ID: 847 548 759.
  3. For AUDIO ONLY (not recommended), use your phone to dial 646-558-8656 (US) or click here to find your local number. When prompted, input Meeting ID: 847 548 759.
    • If you are new to Zoom, please click here for more information.. If you have any questions, please email

Join the EAI Attendee Phone List! A phone list of fellows who attended EAI either in person or remotely will be generated and distributed to all EAI attendees, EAI Contacts, members of the EAI frontier after the EAI meeting. To join the Attendee Phone List, go to and input your first name, last initial, city, state, country, phone number (555-555-5555 for US numbers or +55 55 555 5555 for international numbers), email address, and check the box if you are available to sponsor. Please note that your email address will NOT be shared on the Attendee Phone List. The phone list is a great way to connect with other EAI fellows!

Join the Committee Meetings remotely via GoToMeeting using the options below:

  1. Use your laptop or computer to join via Input the Committee Meeting ID and join on the web. Select your audio option:

    - Use computer audio. TIP: You'll sound best using a headset with a microphone.

    - Use phone. Select the country from which you are calling. Using your phone, enter the phone number, Access Code, and Audio Pin listed. If your country is not listed, please join the meeting via the GoToMeeting mobile app on your smartphone (see option 2).

  2. Use the GoToMeeting mobile app on your smartphone. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Open the app from your smartphone and input the Committee Meeting ID then click Join. Use internet for audio options, which will connect you over WiFi.
  3. For AUDIO ONLY (not recommended), use your phone to dial the phone number listed in the Committee Report. When prompted, input the Committee Meeting ID. 


Chair: Christine W.,

Vice Chair: Jen H.,

Secretary: Tricia H.,

Treasurer: Katie M., ​

Bylaws Committee: ​Evelyn C., ​

Financial Aid and Resource Committee: Jennifer N.,