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FA Website Features

Welcome to the new FA website! This document will help you find what you need. There are lots of new features - click a link below to learn about a specific one or review the whole document to see them all. 

Navigating the FA Homepage


1. Find a Meeting

  1. Accessible from the drop-down menu located at the top right of every page on the FA website.
  2. Click on “Show all Videoconference Meetings” or “Show all telephone meetings” to display a list of meetings of that type.
  3. To find a meeting near you, click the blue button to “Use my current location,” or enter in any address anywhere in the world.
  4.  Filter by distance, day of the week, time of day, and preferred language. Click “Search” and the results will display all meetings that meet the search criteria. In addition to in-person meetings, the search results will display videoconference and telephone meetings that are hosted from the location entered in the search.
  5. Meetings will display in your own time zone. (Note: location services need to be enabled on your device for this to work. If your location is unavailable, the time zone will be listed as ET.)
  6. Meeting Details Page: View Info

    1. Click on “Add to calendar” to export this meeting to your personal calendar.
    2. Click on “share via text” to send the details of this meeting over text message.
    3. Click on “share via email” to email the details of this meeting.
    4. Phone numbers now call automatically from your phone when you click on them.
    5. The time on the meeting details page will display in the host city’s local time. 
    6. Map function for In-person Meetings: Click on the map for directions to find the meeting location.
    7. Login instructions for Videoconference Meetings

      1. Videoconference Meeting IDs and Passwords are separated to keep meetings safe from cyber attacks. Meetings on Zoom can choose to add another layer of security by enabling the waiting room within their meeting’s Zoom account.
      2. Click on the login link to go straight to the meeting, then enter the meeting password.
      3. Dial-in information for telephone users accessing videoconference meetings is below the hyperlink.
      4. See additional instructions on accessing Zoom meetings over the phone.

2. Menu

  1. The website menu is represented by three horizontal lines in the top right corner of each page of the website.
  2. Click on the three horizontal lines to expand the dropdown menu.
  3. Several sub-menus organize the content on the website.
  4. A white box will appear over the text as you hover over it. Click on the text to visit that webpage.
  5. Click the + sign to expand the section.
  6. Collapse the section by clicking the - sign.
  7. All former website tabs are organized into one viewable menu.


    1. Quicklinks: displays the most frequently visited pages.
    2. New to FA: Find helpful newcomer information, including Find a Meeting and a new page for How to Get Started in FA.
    3. Meetings: Find all things meeting-related including guidelines, formats, information & resources, and links to the Frontier and Find a Meeting.
    4. About FA: Find FA FAQs, an audio history of the founding of FA, Member Stats and Surveys, links to the FA Media Kit, and links to the World Service Reports.
    5. For Members: Find all WSI Committee information. Some highlights in this menu include:
      1. The PI Kit is reorganized within the Public Information Section.
      2. Service Positions added to describe each meeting level service position using postings from Gratitude in Action (GIA), FA's Newsletter about Service.
      3. See highlights below for information on:
        1. Updated TRC Index
        2. New Document Library
        3. New connection Blog: Stories of Recovery
        4. Updated Members FAQs
        5. Automated Forms
    6. For Professionals: Find information for healthcare professionals, faith/community leaders, and the FA Media Kit.
    7. EAI: Find all Eastern Area Intergroup (EAI) and Maine Chapter information.
      Find all Western Area Intergroup (WAI) information.
    8. Language: Find FA information translated in Deutsch (German), Español (Spanish), Français (French), 中文 (Mandarin), and עברית (Hebrew).

3. Login

4. Store

  1. There is an updated FA Store with images of each item.
  2. Items can be filtered by category using the link in the sidebar.
  3. The shopping cart stays filled wherever you go on the website.
  4. Adding an item to the shopping cart will display your shopping cart in a new window on the right-hand side. Select Keep Shopping to add more items to your shopping cart or Proceed to Check to complete your order. 
  5. The German and Spanish sites each have their own store.

5. Donate

  1. Click the orange DONATE TO WSI button to make a 7th tradition donation to WSI. You must be logged into to make a donation. 

Choose your option below:

    1. Personal one-time donation
    2. Personal monthly recurring donation
    3. Donation from several FA members
    4. UPDATE: Make a 7th Tradition donation on behalf of your meeting

2. Find links to learn more about donating to EAI and WAI.

3. Quicklinks to make direct donations to WSI, EAI, and WAI.

6. Search

  • Input keyword(s) to find all places where that term appears on the website.

7. Return to Homepage

  • Click on the FA logo from any page on the website to return to the homepage.

Highlighted Features of the FA Website

New connection Blog: “Stories of Recovery”: The connection blog features stories previously published in connection magazine, which have been edited to preserve anonymity.

  1. Stories are searchable by keyword.
  2. Click on the category to see those stories related to that category.
  3. Subscribe to the connection.
  4. 360 previously published connection articles are already posted, and one new article will be posted each day from the connection archive.

Digital connection subscription

  • For those who have purchased a subscription to the digital connection magazine, logging into your profile will enable you to read current and past issues of the digital connection magazine directly from the FA website.

Audio Recordings

  • MP3 qualifications are now offered for FREE to FA members. Members can now listen to any MP3 qualification by logging into their FA profile and clicking on the link to listen to Audio Recordings. You must log in to listen to these audio recordings to preserve members’ anonymity. Some member qualifications are also offered for free to the public on the FA podcast. These recordings have been edited to remove any identifying information.

Member FAQs Search

  • Found in the footer or by going to For Members -> World Service -> FAQs for Members

  1. Search by category or leave set to Search All to see all questions.
  2. Search by keyword(s) or leave blank to see all questions.
  3. Submit search.
  4. Easily clear your search by clicking RESET SEARCH.

Document Library

  • All FA documents are now searchable in the Document Library.
  1. Search by keyword, which will search for the word in the Document Name.
  2. Search by category.
    1. Having trouble finding the document you need? Use the search at the top of the webpage, which will search for the keyword(s) anywhere on the FA website.
  3. Submit search.
  4. Each document displays as a web page, with options to download as PDF or Word file.
  5. Download the PDF version directly from the Document Library.
  6. When available, download the WORD version directly from the Document Library.

FA Events Calendar

The FA Events Calendar is a single place to find all upcoming FA events (Information Sessions, 12th Step Informal Fellowship Calls, Intergroup Meetings, etc.) Found by going in Quicklinks -> FA Events Calendar

  1. Search events by keyword, by type, or by host.
  2. Easily clear your search by clicking RESET SEARCH.
  3. Clicking on any event gives you the details and the login information.
  4. View events in a list form rather than in calendar form.
  5. Submit a calendar event through an online form to the FA Office for approval to post on the website.

Thank-a-Thons Event Calendar: View the upcoming Thank-a-Thons or submit a Thank-a-Thon to be posted on the Thank-a-Thon Event Calendar by going to For Members -> 12th Step Committee -> Thank-a-Thons

  1. FA Intergroups, Chapters, or Meetings can plan a Thank-a-Thon meeting and submit a calendar event through an online form to the FA Office for approval to post on the website.
  2. Use filters to find a type of Thank-a-Thon (i.e. in-person, telephone, or videoconference), search by location, or search by time.
  3. Sort the search results by Name, Time, Location, or Time Zone.
  4. Click on the Thank-a-Thon Name link for details.
  5. Easily clear your search by clicking RESET SEARCH.

TRC Index Search

  • Provides a way for members to search past Traditions Review Committee responses for answers to inquiries from the FA fellowship. Found by going to For Members -> Bylaws & Traditions -> TRC Index Search
  1. Search by keyword or leave blank to see all inquiries.
  2. Select tradition number(s) or leave blank to see all inquiries.
  3. Submit search.
  4. Choose a sort option: alphabetical order or chronological order.
  5. If you want to see the responses in CSV/Excel format, click Download Data.
  6. Click on the topic link to view the details of the inquiry and the Traditions Review Committee’s response.
  7. Easily clear your search by clicking RESET SEARCH.
  8. Submit a new inquiry to the TRC by clicking on the link to the online form.

Automated Forms

  • With input from the Frontier Committee, there are automated forms to get the Frontier Member List, Long Distance Sponsor List, Frontier Resource List, Greeter List, and Universal Language List. Find them by going to Quicklinks -> Frontier or by going to Members -> 12th Step -> Frontier.
  • Work Order Request: Use this form to ask the FA Office to send an email or make a change to the website. Found by going to For Members -> World Service Office -> Work Order Request Form.

Profile Page

Relevant actions for members are now accessible in one place. When you first log in to the website, you need to click the Reset Password to Verify Profile button to create a new password. The new password is necessary to meet updated security guidelines. Click here for instructions on how to verify your FA Profile.

  1. Manage email preferences: Sign up for Gratitude in Action Emails, General FA Announcements, FA Surveys, and EAI and/or WAI mailing lists.
  2. Change password.
  3. Edit my profile: update your phone number and address information.
  4. My Convention will be available around scheduled Conventions.
  5. Order: Place an order or view past orders.
  6. Subscriptions: The digital connection magazine is now readable directly on the FA website. If you are a subscriber and logged in to your profile, you can click the Read Digital connection link in the Subscriptions section.
  7. Audio Recordings: All MP3s are now free to members, and playable from the website. When you are logged in to your profile, you can listen to all MP3 recordings from this page.
  8. Register a New Meeting: Click here for instructions on how to register a new meeting.
  9. Manage My Meeting: Your meeting will display here for all meetingsfor which you are one of these service positions: Meeting Contact, WSI Contact, Intergroup Contact, Chapter Contact, connection Rep, MESA Rep, or Treasurer.

    1. If you are a Meeting Contact, WSI Contact, Intergroup Contact, or Chapter Contact, you will see the Re-register Now button. Your meeting needs to be re-registered by December 31. Click here for re-registration information and instructions. When your meeting has been re-registered, the Re-Register Now button will be replaced with “Meeting is currently re-registered."
    2. If you are a Meeting Contact, WSI Contact, Intergroup Contact, or Chapter Contact, you will see the Submit Meeting Change Request button. Click here for instructions on how to submit a meeting change request.
    3. If you are a Meeting Contact, WSI Contact, Intergroup Contact, or Chapter Contact, you will see the Close Meeting button. Click here for instructions on how to submit a close meeting request.
    4. If you are a connection rep, click the link to order your meeting’s connection print subscription.
    5. Meeting Donation to WSI: make a 7th tradition donation to WSI on behalf of your meeting. Enter the amount in the box, then click the green Donate button and the amount will be added to your cart for payment. Make a donation to WSI on behalf of your meeting by clicking here
    6. Service Positions: this displays your service position(s) for this meeting.

Continuing Improvements

No website is perfect. We claim progress, not perfection. Users can report errors using an online form. This form is linked to from the footer of the website, or by going to For Members -> Technical Help -> Report a Website Error