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Pre-Order FA Book for PICKUP at Business Convention

From April 15 through Sunday, May 25, 2014, you may pre-order FA Books for PICKUP at the FA Business Convention in Danvers on June 6 - 8, 2014.

Order FA Book

Order the FA Book for shipment.
For large orders: please contact the FA Office before placing your order.


Books, brochures, and pamphlets are available. Also available are: 'connection Collections', which are compilation booklets of one year of connection magazine.

Audio CDs

These are audio recordings of various FA members sharing their experiences in food addiction, how they found recovery in FA, and what recovery is like now. 
Note: An asterisk * by a title indicates that the speaker was 30 years of age or younger at the date of the recording.    For an Audio Recording List (Audio CD List) in pdf click here.


Subscriptions to connection for one year are available to purchase or to renew.


Make a donation to FA World Service. FA is fully self-supporting and accepts donations only from FA members, meetings, chapters, intergroups, or several members.

Other Items (for Public Outreach)

Iterms for Public Information outreach use such as: Public Service Announcement (PSA) CD, and additional service items.