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FA Eastern Area Intergroup (FA-EAI, Inc.)

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Phone: 781.438.9700

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The next EAI meeting is Sunday, July 12, 2015 at the VA Hospital, 1400 VFW Parkway, West Roxbury, MA. If you are 2+ hours away from Intergroup please join a committee via conference call from 9:45am-10:30am EST. For details, see committee reports below or at If EAI is canceled due to bad weather, there will be an outgoing message to that effect by 5:00AM on Intergroup Sunday at 781-438-9700.


2015: August 9; September 13; October 4; November 8; December 13.





Does your meeting have an EAI contact? Is he/she registered with the EAI office?



Courtney G., Chair:

June begins the EAI New Year. It brings a chance to celebrate past service and adjust our methods to be of maximum usefulness to our members. This report is a big one, but it is important, so please read the whole thing in your business meeting. J


  • Service Group Support Weekend (formerly called Chapter Support Weekend) November 7-8, 2015. We had over 200 FA members last year and we expect a similarly robust crowd this fall. We think you will love the updated format and the return to our previous home, the Holiday Inn Boston-Dedham Hotel & Conference Center in Dedham, MA. For those booking travel: the event starts at 9:30am on Saturday and runs through lunchtime on Sunday. Financial aid inquiries should go to: More exciting details to come!
  • EAI Quarterly Calls on Sundays at 1pm Eastern: June 28, October 25, and January 24.

7th Tradition 

Some meetings may be confused about what percentage of their 7th Tradition funds to send to EAI vs. WSI. Because of EAI’s uniquely high region-support expenses – including Service Group Support Weekend, our November service gathering in the Boston area, and the fact that Maine meetings rightly send their 7th Tradition overage to their Chapter, not EAI -- the longstanding suggestion has been that EAI meetings split their excess 7th Tradition funds equally between WSI and EAI. This is in keeping with WSI’s message that financial needs – and donation percentages – vary between Intergroups. Our treasurer, Colleen, is preparing an in-depth report to provide greater clarity about EAI’s finances. For now, we encourage meetings to continue the 50-50 split and we thank you for your partnership in service.


  • The Chapter Support Committee has been renamed the Service Group Support Committee to reflect its focus on serving ALL service groups within EAI.
  • The Connection Committee has been folded into the 12th Step Committee to enhance collaboration and provide additional person-power to our writing sessions. 
  • Public Outreach and Region Outreach Chairs are enlisted on an ad-hoc and rotating basis. After three years utilizing a Public Outreach Chair to enhance our service to the still-suffering newcomer, our PI and Teens and Twenties Committees are stronger than ever, and that position is on pause. Now, we have activated the role of Region Outreach Chair (Kathleen M.) to fortify our work with Local Service Groups and members the frontier. We can’t wait to hear your stories of successful service efforts or your questions about how to get started in your area. Please email
  • This month, we thanked our outgoing committee chairs…
    • Mari (Office Services and Support)
    • Gabe (Connection)
    • Paul (Chapter Support – AKA Service Group Support)
    • Theresa (Public Information)
    • Carol (Public Outreach)
    • Kim (Financial Aid and Resources)
  •  And we welcomed new trusted servants:
    • Mac (Office Services and Support)
    • Gabe (Service Group Support)
    • Lynne S. (Public Information)
    • Anita (Financial Aid and Resources)


Please note our new meeting is Saturday, Fort Walton Beach, FL; and discontinued meetings are Monday, Canandaigua, NY; Wednesday, Vero Beach, FL; Friday, Crossville, TN; and Friday, Endicott, NY. 




No report.

Service Group Support Committee

Gabe E:

If you are more than 2 hours away you can attend our meeting via conference call at 9:45am on Intergroup morning: 424-203-8075 then enter 871790#

Monthly Local Service Group Meetings:

Charlotte, NC: 3rd Saturday – Contact: Margaret M.,

Washington, DC: 2nd Sunday, 10:15AM-11:30AM – Contact: Pam N

Cleveland, OH: 2nd Saturday, 11:30AM-12:15PM – Contact: Cayce F.

Rochester, NY: 2nd Saturday, 1245PM-1:30PM – Contact: Margaret H

Ithaca, NY: 4th Saturday of the month 11AM-12PM – Contact:  Paula K.

Philadelphia, PA: 2nd Sunday, 8:30-9:30am – Contact: Abigail H.

Financial Aid and Resource

Anita F.:

Looking for a 12 Step Committee Service Funding Applications? Email us and we’ll send it your way.


Mac M:

Please welcome our new meetings: Thursday 11am Charlotte, NC and Friday 7pm in Decatur, GA

Please welcome our new meeting: Saturday, Fort Walton Beach, FL. Discontinued meetings: Monday, Canandaigua, NY, Wednesday, Vero Beach, FL, Friday, Crossville, TN, Friday, Endicott, NY. Did you know that all EAI, WSI or Web & Directory meeting contacts must have an email address and a login for If you have questions about your account or logging in, please contact us. Download your local meeting directory for printing at Scroll over the “Office” tab and select “EAI Meeting Directory & Trifolds.”

Public Information

Lynne S:

There are several resources available for public information efforts. These include: banners, tablecloths, racks, brochures, booklets, letters to the healthcare professionals and Faith community leaders, flyers, and press releases.

Meeting dial-in: 605.475.4000 and Access Code 1066681#

Teens and Twenties 


Please feel free to contact Jennifer H. for info and resource direction if you wish to know how to set one up in your area. Meeting dial-in: 605.475.4700 and Access Code 293738# 

12th Step

Reggie M., Chair:

We ask fellows to utilize the long distance phone list to call our FA fellows on the frontier. It is easy to do and our calls are always welcome!


Contact information for officers with no report:
Secretary, Elizabeth D.:
Treasurer, Colleen B: