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The next Eastern Area Intergroup meeting is Sunday, April 13, at the V.A. Hospital at 1400 VFW Parkway, West Roxbury, MA. If you are 2+ hours away from Intergroup, please join a committee meeting via conference call from 9:45-10:45am. (See Committee Reports for details.)



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(Snow day cancellations: Call 781.438.9700 after 5:30AM the morning of Intergroup to find out if Intergroup is cancelled.)





Do you return outreach calls in a timely manner?


George M.:

On March 9 we had our very first Intergroup Fellowship Morning where we invited the original FA Board to share what it was like getting the program started. 178 fellows filled Barsamian Auditorium in the West Roxbury VA. We had to add chairs around the stage area to fit everyone. It created a sense of intimacy, closeness, and connection to God that befitted our theme for the morning, which was gratitude for our fellowship. The morning was very moving and spiritual, filled with humility and wonder. It is such a joy to feel grateful for our lives. And this program has given that to each one of us. It's all about service. Our EAI Intergroup provides us with that opportunity as we strive to help each other reach the sick and suffering food addict. 

Sixteen years ago, on May 31, 1998 we were 177 members in our total Fellowship. Today we are approximately 5,000 fellows and as one of our speakers said, have become a world force. Yet no matter how big our fellowship gets, the program is always about our sponsor and our sponsees. And that means our own recovery. Thank you, God.

We will be working with WSI to provide our membership with an opportunity to hear the audio recording of that morning. It may take some time, but it will be worth it.


Courtney G:  (see full text of committee reports for details) 


Regional service meetings are held monthly in the following areas: Charlotte, NC; Cleveland, OH; Philadelphia, PA; Rochester, NY; and Washington D.C.

Please email us if members in your area are interested in holding a writing session.

Are large public health fairs the best place to spread the FA message? Join us next month to discuss this and other interesting PI issues.

  Please sign the 12th Step Service list if it applies to you.

  • · DIAL-IN: The following committees welcome long-distance participants via conference call at 9:45am on Intergroup morning:
    • o Chapter Support: dial 424.203.8075 and enter Access Code 871790#
    • o connection: dial 513-386-0000 and enter Access Code 274894#
    • o Public Information: dial 605.475.4000 and enter Access Code 1066681#
    • o Teens and Twenties: dial 605.475.4700 and enter Access Code 293738#




Jen N:

No report.

Chapter and Region Support

Paul B., Chair

If you are more than 2 hours away you can attend our meeting via conference call at: 424-203-8075 then enter 871790#

Regional Service Meetings:

Charlotte, NC: 3rd Saturday, 11AM-12PM, Anuvia Prevention and Recovery Center, Rm. 3, 100 Billingsley Rd, Charlotte, NC  28211. Contact: Margaret M.,

Washington, DC: 2nd Sunday, 10:15-11:30AM, Holy Cross Hospital Resource Center, 9805 Dameron Dr, Silver Spring, MD, 20902. Contact: Pam N.

Cleveland, OH: 1st Sunday, 5-6PM, South Pointe General Hospital, Warrensville Heights, OH. Contact: Rachel W.

Rochester, NY: 1st Saturday, 1-1:45PM, St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Fellowship Hall, 3825 E. Henrietta Rd, Rochester, NY. Contact: Margaret H.

Philadelphia, PA: 2nd Sunday, 8:15-9:45am; Upstairs at the Gryphon Café, 105 W. Lancaster Ave, Wayne PA 19087.


Gabe E:

If you are interested in hosting a connection writing session in your area please contact

 Financial Aid and Resource

Kim B., Chair:

No report.


Mari L., Chair:

Please note the following new meetings: Tuesday 7pm in Dallas, TX; Thursday 7pm in Kissimmee, FL.

Public Information

Theresa H:

PI committee members are considering the pros and cons of large public health fairs. We welcome your input and experience as to whether this is a productive way to spread the FA message. 

Public Outreach

Christine W:

No report.

Region Outreach

Patty R:

No report

Teens and Twenties 


Welcome to any and all who came to our meeting last month or who are considering joining us soon. Please contact Jennifer via email or at 617-620-1472 to continue the conversation. Don't forget if you are long distance that you can attend next month's meeting via conference call.

12th Step

Deb H., Chair:

We are still collecting names for the new 12th Step Service Phone list. We hope to have names from every EAI meeting.  Please sign up if you have 90 days of abstinence.


Contact information for officers with no report:
Secretary, Elizabeth D.:
Treasurer, Colleen B: